This page will talk all about our wonderful adventures all over the world. We will suggest restaurants, shops, places to visit as well as talk about what we did while we were there… Enjoy!

yogi in stilettosThis past Labor Day weekend I told my man since we didn’t go away all summer that I wanted to go somewhere to escape. I wanted to sit on a beach all day, drink skinny margaritas and swim in the ocean. After bantering back and forth about where to go in Mexico, with advice from friends, slash a promise we would all go together we decided on Playa Del Carmen. Of course to no ones shock our friends cancelled and it was just me and my man…I mean, could I get any luckier…four days of just me and E frolicking in the ocean. Well…Playa Del Carmen is the best place to escape. It has the perfect mixture of relaxation and fun. Here is my guide to getting the most out of Playa

  • Location is everything in this town. We stayed at The Royal Playa Del Carmen. This was an all inclusive hotel right on the beach. Ok…where do I begin about all inclusive…you have to be very careful when going to an all inclusive because these type of hotels attract a weird crowd. A crowd that drinks so much that by 7 they are passed out for the night. A crowd that eats so much that releasing them on a buffet is potentially dangerous. Of course my man and I keep to ourselves and had  the perfect room facing the ocean. Also, our hotel was walking distance to everything. The town is small and their is really only one main street, but it is important to be in a good location.
  • Other hotels are the Mosquito Blue. This hotel is right in town…I thought it looked a little boring, but many people have said it is fun and a nice hotel. There is also a Mandarin Oriental that I have heard is beautiful.
  • Of course the only thing to eat in Mexico is Mexican food…duhh! We ate Mexican food for every meal. The guacamole is sooo fresh, so delicious, the tacos are amazing! Pretty much any restaurant you go to for Mexican is going to be good. We ate at one like 4 times that was right near our hotel. I don’t know the name I just know there was a big bull in front of it and that is what the restaurant is known for. We also ate at 100% natural. This restaurant is organic, fresh and really yummy! They have amazing green juices!
  • Everything is on 5th avenue (I know, right?) All the stands with Mexican t-shirts, hats, etc…duty free shops, restaurants and pretty much anything you would want is on this street.
  • There are a couple really popular, fun clubs and bars in town. A lot of them you pay a higher price to get in and all the drinks are included. Someone like me who doesn’t drink very much this isn’t really in my favor…but for everyone else it’s great! Some fun clubs are Mandala (all open,  plays fun music) Blue Parrot (on the beach, they put on fire shows…we had fun here) Coco Bongo (This place is great if you want a mixture of a club and a show. Every 5-10 minutes they put on a big show. The show could be someone dancing Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna, or those people that use rope and do all different poses and positions using their body weight…which is incredible!)
  • Over all the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy being on vacation! We set an alarm every morning so we wouldn’t miss out.

yogi in stilettosThis past weekend we were invited to our family friends’ wedding that was taking place in Aspen. Obviously I will jump at every opportunity to go away, but Aspen is something special. Since I was old enough to walk I was skiing in Aspen. Not only is the town adorable, but it also has some of the nicest restaurants and shops in the world. Most people assume Aspen is only a winter destination and frankly I thought that as well. I had been there in the summer before, but never had as much of an amazing experience as this time…maybe it was because I was literally 5.

First of all…this is the perfect active family get away (I would say kids starting around 7 or 8) There is so much to do! Whether it is hiking, biking, white water rafting, rock climbing kayaking…you can find this all in Aspen. And the best part is, it is so hot that you could not do any activities and just sit by the pool at The Little Nell all day.

The wedding we went to was spectacular. Friday night was a country western BBQ, Saturday the wedding took place on top of the mountain and Sunday, my favorite, brunch.

Guide to surviving Aspen, Colorado

  • Don’t mistake Aspen as a ghost ski town. Main street in Aspen could put Rodeo Dr. to shame.
  • Bring your nicest, best yoga, work out gear. Even when you’re sweating you better look good. (My dad did pilates next to Scarlett Johansson…enough said)
  • You must own or purchase a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. No, I’m not joking.
  • Always carry water (in an environmental water bottle holder of course) the altitude is so high headaches can hit in a second.
  • Bring an excellent pair of hiking shoes (this isn’t Runyon Canyon)
  • Lots of sunscreen…you are 12000 feet closer to the Sun in Aspen…got it?
  • Your YSL Tribute pumps…It is Aspen after all
  • The perfect company…I.E. my man

New York, New York!!

…these streets will make you feel brand new…big lights will inspire you, lets hear it for NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NEW YORK!!

It had been over two years since I touched down in New York. And for that same amount of time I had been dying to go! As I was landing, my face was smoooshed up against the window like it was the first time I had ever been to New York and I didn’t want to miss a minute. Not only was it exciting that I was finally going to New York, but even more important I was meeting my best friend, soul mate, knows every secret, Gaby! It had been over a year since we had seen each other and when we saw each other at the airport it was like the movies… dropping bags with slow motion run towards each other, The Fray playing one of their sappy love ballads and everyone around us staring. We got into the car and started on our NY adventure. First of all…it was over 100 degrees every day. We were schitzing all day long…I guess it could be consider edhot yoga? Minus the yoga. One day we were forced to go to Soho House to sip cocktails and put our feet in the pool.

When we first arrived we immediately dropped our bags and went to the first place any girl visiting New York grabs lunch…Fred’s in Barney’s. We were so hungry that we couldn’t even take a quick trip through the shoes to work up an appetite. After lunch we finally ventured down to explore everything the New York Barney’s has and the L.A. one is missing. As we made our way through the shoe sale the sales associate was screaming “Manolo’s size 8, MANOLO’S SIZE 8!!” as if we were in a bizarre in a foreign country.

Lets Eat

Day 1

Lunch: Fred’s in Barney’s- yummiest salads all in bowls!

Dinner: Essex and Beauty- we ate here our first night. The food wasn’t very good. I actually got kind of sick from it…but the scene was really cool…I guess sometimes you need to suck it up

Day 2

Lunch: Gitane in Soho, there is also another one in the Jane Hotel- get the avocado bread…Met Jay my man’s brother, both of us loved the little blonde hostess.

The Lion: This place has this old yet trendy vibe to it. Pictures of Frank Sinatra mixed with contemporary art.

Day 3:

Lunch: Soho House NY, get the whole artichoke and the quinoa salad…actually it was sooo hot to even eat…just get a bloody mary.

Dinner: The Darby…again, food is OK, but the scene is sooo fun! Live music and everyone sings along.

Lets Play

The Standard hotel is amazing! With Le Bain and Boom Boom Room you really don’t need to go anywhere else. Le Bain is a lot more hipster, young, those type of people who come off as poor, with ripped jeans, ratty hair, and chain smoke, but they actually come from rich families who’s parents just don’t know what to do anymore and let their kids be ‘free.’ Not to mention that it has a hot tub in the club, give a hipster a couple of drinks and they let loose. The roof top bar is the perfect spot for hot summer nights, equipped with a crepe stand.

The only way to describe Boom Boom Room is Beautiful. Everything about it is tasteful and classy…including Kellan Lutz and his gorgeous abs. Now lets talk about the bathrooms…if you have a fear of heights hold your pee in. The bathrooms are floor to ceiling windows with views of the cities…don’t worry the city does not have a view of your city.

The Jane Hotel- this bar was really cool. The decor is kind of worn in but funky and the music is old school rap mixed with some classics.

Lets Get Cultural

New York is obviously known for Broadway and of course we had to go see the hottest ticket in town “The Book of Mormons.” Created by the same guys who made South Park, this play is utterly inappropriate, but soooo amazing! Obvi, it won 9 Tony Awards. Call for tickets NOW!

Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET is a must…even if you are not a fashion person this exhibit brought every different type of person. The clothes are a work of art. Of course I stuck to the rules and didn’t snap any pictures…Christianne would slap my wrist if she knew. But that just means all the readers have to go see it for themselves.

Road Trippin from the Desert to the Sea

When I woke up Friday morning and the weather was amazing I knew something had to be done…so did my man. He wrote me when I was at work, told me to go home and pack my bags. I rushed home, packed as quickly as possible (so fast that I forgot face cream, sunscreen and pants). We got in the car and headed to Palm Springs. I had wanted to go to Coachella for ages…but I guess I had to settle with Palm Springs…its like being outside of a candy store looking in. Anyways, it was so hot that I don’t think I would have enjoyed standing outside in a field all day trying to look and act cool. We got to the pool and started drinking right away. By 7 I was ready for a nap. Around 10 we woke up to eat something (avoid eating in Palm Springs at all costs), then got ready to go out. Thank G-D I wore flats (although my man was complaining all night) we literally had to walk through the sand to get to this field where the party was. My man and I had fun, although the party was not as intense as we thought it would be. We then literally wondered the desert looking for a ride home for 45 minutes. I can’t even go into detail about how we got home because it was soo scary and dangerous that I fear my mother will one day read this and get mad at me…just imagine a car stuffed with 35 people…enough said. Those people that were there felt my pain.

After the traumatic car ride home we woke up the next morning and immediately had to check ourselves into The Montage Laguna Beach. I had already come down with a cold from the air conditioning and lay in the car feeling like death. But when we walked into the hotel and saw the view below all trauma from the night before vanished. We spent two full days lounging by the pool, eating my dream salad in my dream bowl. It was the nicest mix of crazy and calm weekend.

Hometown Glory

I left Paris and boarded the Euro Star to London and in two short hours I was home! You know that feeling when you arrive home after a long day and you feel like you can finally relax, that is exactly how I felt. The difference is I haven’t been home since the summer, so the feelings were multiplied. I opened the fridge literally 80 times, looked in all my drawers and finally sat down for smoke salmon brunch. This is a tradition we have every Sunday in my house. Then we all piled into the Mini and headed out to West Field mall. After valet parking (which is more rare in London than someone with nice teeth) my dad gave me a tour of the mall. I felt as if I entered 20 years into the future. Anything you could want or need is here. From Top Shop to Louise Vuitton to a grocery store to any type of food you could ever feel like, to finally a 24 screen cinema. I was so impressed that this existed in London. Not to mention they are building an even bigger one for the Olympics in 2012. We went to the movies and they had a candy section that made my heart beat fast.

Ok, enough about the mall. I actually did more cultural excursion than shopping. I went to two galleries (Art Appreciation) and saw the new Keira Knightley play ‘The Children’s Hour.’ It was powerful, intense and entertaining. The young girl in it was so creepy she gave me chills when she spoke. The theater in London is so incredible, if any ever gets a chance to go a play is a must!

I was lucky because the sun was shining every day! Us Angels take the sun for granted. But in London, when the sun is shining it is the most amazing city in the world! The streets are full of people (weather doesn’t stop anyone). The restaurants are packed and the overall city has this buzz to it that L.A. lacks. The city is on an all time high with the Royal Wedding quickly approaching. My mom won’t leave London until after the wedding because she is so excited. While I was there it was announced that Sarah Burton (successor to Alexander McQueen would be designing Kate’s dress). I think it is going to be amazing! I can’t wait for the big day. Overall my trip to London was like taking a trip back to High School. I lounged around the house, saw all my high school friends and hung out with my mom all day…sounds perfect to me.

Fur, Blake Lively, Macaroons, Fashion Week and Chanel

yes…you are seeing correctly. All these things and way more I experienced on my trip to Paris. It was Fashion Week, so the streets were packed with the most fashionable, beautiful people. Woman were casually strolling in beautiful fur jackets, carrying their birkins proud! The French are so effortlessly cool. Our hotel was amazing. I kept saying I wanted to move into our room. It was two floors, big windows and large bathrooms. Not to mention it was door to door with Chanel. Our days were spent having breakfast in the morning and hitting the town all day. We literally walked all over Paris, thank g-d I had my easy tones (check out health and exercise). Thanks to my friend who provided us with a must do in Paris list we conquered the whole city. Some high lights included, walking by La Perle, the bar made famous from Galliano’s recent rants, resulting in him getting fired from Dior. Our excursion to Tranoi next to the Lourve (where we had to take pictures to look like we did some site seeing). Tranoi is one of the Fashion/buyers shows. It was lined with clothing and jewelry designers, all with Fall 2011 looks. We literally drooled over everything, then found out you could only buy it in mass amounts. We did dinner and tea at Hotel Costes. Even after all the years it has been open this place is still the best scene. We spent hours one afternoon having tea and relaxing in the court yard. Tea and macaroons at the famous Laduree. Everything about this place screams Paris. Lastly, to put a cherry on the cake our Blake Lively sighting. She looked fabulous, flawless and even better in person (the picture is the actual night we saw her). Then I kissed my friends good bye and I headed to London…


Rue Saint-Honoré (The Rodeo Drive of Paris)

Le Marais (Jewish area)

Colette (nice shop for lunch)

Le Bon Marche (department store, this has everything! If you are short on time you just need to go here)

Boulevard Saint Germain


Colette-super fashionable department store with a great cafe in it. Picture Barney’s Green Grass minus the view of Beverly Hills.

Hotel Costes

Chez Ferdi (the food is incredible here, but its very small, crowded, not too sceney)

Ralph’s- Inside the Ralph Lauren Store. This restaurant is nice, but it was dead! It feels like you are walking into a Polo Club in Santa Barbara or Nantucket.

Buddha Bar- we needed some place that we knew would be hopping so we broke down and went to Buddha Bar. This place is guaranteed to have great music and lots of people.

Laduree- Amazing place for tea and dessert.

Brrr it’s cold in here

My man has been dying to go skiing for months and when he finally said we are going this weekend we packed the car and headed out. It takes about 5 hours to get to Mammoth, so make sure you pack snacks for the car and have lots to talk about. We literally rolled into Mammoth, as in our car did not have chains and we had to drive in reverse. We finally made it to our hotel and immediately hit happy hour. If you’re going to Mammoth with a bunch of friends then I highly recommend you rent a cabin, but…if you are going with your man then get a room at a hotel. We stayed at the Village Inn. Each room has a full kitchen and balcony over looking the town of Mammoth.

Sunday we skied all day! The weather was so perfect I only wore leggings (check out my knee highs as well, a girl must not forget her fashion sense when out in the cold). For the first time I didn’t look like a tomboy snowboarding, which I find most girls do. We stopped at McCoys for lunch where we sat outside, stripped off our jackets and enjoyed the sun. Unfortunately, today it was a bit windier and my man had to give me a face mask (obviously there were no pictures taken today). We ate lunch at The Mill, took one last run down and headed home. It was the perfect get away, not to mention work out.

I highly recommend Hyde, Gomez or Lakanuki for happy hour. You can hit them all up as they are literally across from each other. We ate dinner at Chop Yard; the food was O.K. The second night we went to Vons (a grocery store) and made dinner in our room while enjoying the Oscars. Cooking at home with the fire place on cannot be beat!

Watch out Paris, LA is coming to town…

Adventures in South America

Bogota, Colombia

Never Being kissed in

Palm Beach, Florida

When my sweet Abi Beaux, the most beautiful polo player you’ve ever seen, invited me to come out to Palm Beach and Wellington, Florida for an equestrian holiday, I immediately became enchanted and packed my bags for the adventure. A trip would not be complete without my baby sisters Valerie, Victoria and my beautiful Russian girlfriend/model/photographer Katya. You know, a usual stellar cast.

Christianne Christensen in couture Katya Kova

We arrived in Wellington, Fl at a beautiful ranch we were arranged to stay in by Abi. Sherry, our host, had everything adroit for us at the ranch.  A copy of Savage Beauty bedside along with glasses of wine in the sitting room of our chambers.

When it comes to Florida there is no other beach that I prefer in the Gun Handle (it’s a country joke I just made up) than Palm Beach. Think of Miami as the Ibiza or St. Tropez and Palm Beach being the Monte Carlo. Completely fabulous and all near each other to compliment and make up your very own winter wonderland in the sun.

Welcome to South Florida.

Palm Beach is a short 20-minute ride to Wellington (Horse Land), or just make a left on “horse shit lane” as Valerie re-named our street, and go straight to the beach … Easy! Don’t worry, there are drivers and cool cars everywhere; before you know it, you won’t need directions.

West Palm Beach (The wild wild west as they call it) although I am told you can find great art destricts around that middle. I tried it for you and … I was invited to a grandee party, and it wasn’t a good fit for me. I was told this same day in WPB by a smart man “I know a Palm Beach girl when I see one” and we left the party. Needless to say, we spent most of our trip in Palm Beach and Wellington, FL.
We were invited to ranches, helicopters, condos on the beach, estates, champagne, dinner, home cooked meals, fancy cocktails, beach, Aspen, New York, Miami. Surprisingly no Paris. Huh? That’s weird. You know the usual courting of gems like us ; )
Anyway we had a ball. Being a Florida princess has its advantages. We all  had an “unwillingness to rationalize” as Katya would say. We left our brains at home and simply enjoyed the sunshine. After all, a woman’s basic right is to be a princess and what better place to do this than in Palm Beach, Florida with your best friends in the world.
Unfortunately, we are not available to entertain any of these splendid adventures and offers since we have dreams to catch at the moment. But hold that thought ladies and gentlemen. Hehe!

Favorite Places in Palm Beach
Cucina del Arte
Where you can party with local 15-year-old billionaires, a 22-year-old gorgeous Miami boy raised in Palm Beach or a Spanish horse breeder. It’s a really local pub that has a wasp vibe with a hint of Lux.

The Colony Hotel
You can speak as loudly as you want for lunch, the guests don’t have their hearing aids on yet. Careful, if you ask a question to the old fogies you will get a speech spanning your delicious bloody Mary’s.

Brazilian Court – This is a staple, very, very posh (with no Brazilians)
Not sure we are allowed back here, because of a champagne & remote in a box situation…!
Only a joke, they said we were banned for a week only. Truthfully, we were the most exciting thing to happen to the BC since the 60′s, and it quickly became home away from home to us!

Bizarre Café
For the hippie in us … yummy Duck Salad and Jamaican coffee.

Bice on Worth Avenue
Great lunch place in between shopping.

Neiman Marcus on Worth Avenue
You can find the best here period, so take the day off and stroll. One of my favorite tips to staying in shape is to try on sample size 2 couture on Worth Avenue. If you can’t squeeze into one of these one-of-a-kinds … time for a jog.

photos by Katya Kova

Sunday Polo is played at the International Polo Club Palm Beach January-April which is when Florida is the best to visit anyway.

The crowd is very fun. Actress Gabrielle Anwar, from Burn Notice and the Tudors was beautifully prancing around. And I know she did her hair at Fakin It’s John Freida Salon in L.A. That was my look for Argentina. She must be reading our magazine. I love her she is so beautiful.

Also, meet some of the cast members of new reality show about polo.
Dressage,  a french term for fancy horse dancing can be found in Wellington, Fl on Saturdays. It’s beautiful, my family and I love and participate in the American Horse Shows.

The Cast from Miami (us) was photographed by:

Ocean Drive
Plum TV
Polo Magazine

And, no … I still haven’t been kissed in Palm Beach, Fl.

Uno, Dos, Tres, you know you want me…

With much stress and anxiety over where to go for New Years, my man finally took it upon himself to book us to go to Puerto Rico and Miami…I was extremely excited to be away from L.A. (not that I hadn’t just been away for a week, but L.A. is rainy, boring and full on depressing during New Years time) anyways, we packed our bags, kissed my man’s brother good bye at the airport and we were on our way…after two long flights, we arrived in Puerto Rico, to our disappointment the weather was cloudy, but HOT!! San Juan reminded me of a less crowded, less developed Miami. You use American money, everyone speaks English, except their native language is Spanish…ohh yah and its invaded by Jews in the winter time. Except for the fact it needed a bit of work done, our hotel, El San Juan was perfect! It had a full blown club in it, that was going off like it was 1999, the lobby was packed until 5 in the morning, there were tons of restaurants,a casino, and a latin singer in the lobby every night! You really had no reason to leave the hotel if you didn’t want to…Of course being the adventurous person I am I wanted to discover San Juan, walk around the old city, eat local food. The food is a combination or Caribbean and Mexican. It was sooo good! I mean how can you go wrong with plantain, rice and meat? Every night we would go into town, either to eat, or just walk around…it was the perfect relaxing holiday…then it was off to Miami to party…although my besty in the whole world was not in Miami I still ended up having a wonderful time. Miami during new years times gets insanely crowded! I’m talking waiting for a table at restaurant for over an hour…but, I love it! I love going to eat and the restaurant is packed…it may be packed with extremely anorexic looking models, but at least you know they aren’t ordering so I will get my food fast…ohh and of course my fave part of Miami was seeing the lovely Christianne…we were really fakin it in Miami! Unfortunately the camera I was taking pictures with seem to be way too big to post…so you will have to just see the one’s I took with my phone!


There are soo many places to eat in Miami…its weird though, unless I am with my besty and go to restaurants that aren’t fance and shi shi Miami hardly has their own restaurants that are unique to them…maybe Prime 112, China Grill and Joe’s Stone Crab…but everything else comes from New York and L.A.

We went to Philippe the first night…in L.A. there are people handing out free dinner to Philippe because they can’t fill their restaurant, in Miami it was packed and the food was bomb!

Spris- my fave on Lincoln Road….the best pizza and salad!

Most days we ate lunch at the beach…chicken sandwiches and burgers…it was whatever

Scarpetta-the restaurant is decorated amazing! Like I want my kitchen to look like it, but the food was almost inedible…there were literally four pieces of pasta in our order…and the waiter was a douche…since it was my man’s birthday on the 1st and I had asked them to bring something out for him and they forgot!

Winter in the Snow

I decided last minute to book myself to my retreat in Canada. The week was slow in LA and I was still feeling exhausted from the Hanukkah party slash teaching early morning pilates classes. So I woke up one morning and booked my flight to snow. Coming to my cabin always equals relaxation. Coming in the summer is way different than coming in the winter…but of course my dad has equal amounts of exercising for us to do no matter what the weather is outside. But there is something about coming to your home when it is covered in snow, freezing outside, but ohh soo cozy inside. Lying around at 2:30 in the afternoon reading every trashy magazine..and the best part is that’s all you have to do all day…ohh yah and eating all the wonderful, locally grown, organic food. It is the perfect place to sit back, relax and think about the year to come. I have already started working on my new years resolution list….have you? Well anyways, today we ventured out to our old ski club where we skied as children. It brought  back so many memories…especially the hot chocolate (i was dreaming about it the whole time I was snowboarding) Here are some pics…and I will be taking a couple more vacations this holiday season, so stay tuned…

The LOVEliest Weekend Ever

Well, I finally showed my man where I was born…literally, drove him by Mt. Sinai Hospital. We arrived in Toronto thursday afternoon and jumped in the car for the hour ride up to the Cabin. The cabin is a dream come true. There is nothing to do but eat, sleep, read and hike…all the my families favorite things. I was soooo excited to show my man my life. It is the only home we have left that I have literally lived in since I was little. There are sooo many memories in this house. We had the most relaxing time ever…but of course no trip to Toronto is complete without a day in the city. We dropped mom and dad off at the airport and headed to The Four Season Hotel…this is the first four season ever and it is in need of a serious make over…but, luckily they are building a brand new one that is going to be amazing! Anywayssss…we can’t always be picky with the Four Seasons of our choice. We did some tourist things, got drunk, made out and enjoyed being together, just the two of us…I could not be any luckier…anywaysss, enough sappy talk. This was yet again another fabulous trip to Toronto and I hope to return a couple of times this summer.

Where we ate, because lets be honest thats what we all want to know…We spent the first two nights up north having Em’s famous cooking…those are all secrets so you have to come taste her food for yourself


Drinks at One, the restaurant at the Hazelton Hotel…whatever I had made me so drunk, I passed out for two hours before dinner

Dinner at NYOOD: yummy small plates to share and great music. Perfect place for a couple

Brunch at MoRoCo: I thought this was a chocolate place, but I guess I was wrong. The brunch, with my man pretty much changing the menu to his liking, was amazing! And of course Farber and Brad coming made it all even better.


Sometimes when you don’t have time to go away for the weekend it is nice to do different things in the city you live in…well with this weekends heat wave it was like being away. Saturday started off like any work week actually. I woke up and went to exercise…boring. Then I put my bikini on and went to the W Westwood pool for the afternoon. It was very relaxing, lots of drinking and eating. The perfect way to spend saturday, and  of course since I wake up so early these days I needed a nap before dinner. For dinner we went the new Mexican Fusion restaurant, RED-O. Of course when we got there the guy at the door (yes it is a restaurant, and yes there is a bouncer at the door…i know, only in LA) Anyways, he was of course rude and didn’t want to give us the time of day, even though we had a reservation. Finally after unnecesary rudeness we sat down. The restaurant is designed really nice, sort of miami, spanish style with big long white curtains mixed with old spanish lanterns. Design aside they have a walk way full of Tequila and since tequila the only alcohol I consume (except for wine) I was in heaven. Their are pictures below of the tequila walk way. The food was good, of course after we made 15 changes to all the orders. My favorite was the tortilla soup because it brings me back to the days when I used to stay at the Bel-Air Hotel…I recommend calling for a reservation, seeing as they don’t even let you in the restaurant unless you have one (323-655-5009) Sunday we woke up early, obviously, I watched 5 “say yes to the dress” I cried, I laughed and I was ready to start the day. We were going to take a day trip to Laguna seeing as the weather was amazing, instead we opted to rent a boat in Marina Del Rey. Talk about another world. Drive to Marina Del Rey and you don’t feel like you are in LA anymore. You legit feel like you are on vacation. We went on a boat, and besides my terrible nausea at the beginning (nothing some ritz crackers couldn’t fix) the day was amazing. My man of course being the best driver…look at the pictures below and renting a boat is available by calling Marina Del Rey Boat Rentals at 310-574-2822


Before I met my man I had never been to Laguna Beach, after dating a year and a half we have been at least 15 times. This last trip, although not the best one we have taken there we left the beach behind (to my man’s disappointment) and went inland to The Pelican Hill Resort. It wasn’t actually that far from the beach…we were able to take a walk there in the morning. Anyways, the hotel was beautiful and the rooms were amazing… Once the weather starts cooling down (not that it hasn’t already) it is a beautiful hotel to visit. The pool is the big attraction there as it is ginormous.

Ritz Carlton: For a while we would only go to the ritz because the beach it sits on top is the best in Laguna, but we stayed there over 4th of July weekend and we had a great time. The staff are soooo nice and literally are the most accommodating people in the world.

Montage Laguna Beach: Montage is my man and my favorite hotel in Laguna. When you sleep at night you can hear the waves and it is so peaceful. The pool scene is also relaxing, not dang dang because it is mostly families.


The only restaurant we really go to in Laguna, actually Newport Beach is Javiers. This mexican restaurant is always packed on the weekends and the food is also really good.

If we are staying at the Montage, their pool restaurant is excellent…i recommend the caesar salad, minus the caesar dressing add balsamic instead, and the fish tacos.

The Ritz Carlton opened this coffee shop slash snack bar…greatest idea for a hotel ever…amazing salads, sandwiches and of course my favorite…candy! The food at the pool restaurant is a bit blah…nothing special. On the roof top deck in the evenings they have a sushi bar where they are making fresh sushi…


London is my favorite city in the world…although I am bias because I grew up there. There is so much to do…in particular I will talk about what I did this last trip. I arrived and hopped on the Heathrow Express, which is the fastest, quickest way to get to central London…it is also 5 minutes from my house.


Maroush-amazing Lebanese food. It is usually all I eat when I am back in London.

Cipriani- actually in London it is called C London…something shady about why the name changed.

Boulud- The new restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental. Order the large oysters…i know, I was hesitant at first, but they were amazing.

Napket (snob food)-but not really, this fancy lunch spot is actually the perfect place for anyone working or wanting to grab a quick lunch. They have a salad station where you tell the man what you want. There is also a pasta station…yummm…and an amazing looking bakery.

Ginger and White- this amazing, cute, Australian owned coffee shop took me back to my trip to Sydney. The best flat white coffee and soft boiled eggs. Perfect for me when I was feeling sick on my first day.


Believe it or not I hardly did any shopping…besides my damage at TopShop. They had the best stuff and I came back with great new outfits. I highly recommend booking the personal shopper. They do everything for you. Although we did not buy anything I took my man to Brick Lane, the street is lined with clothing stands and tons of food stands. It was very fun to see because it was packed.

Night life:

There are so many places to go out at night. We only went out once, i know, i know…I just loved being home I didn’t want to leave my actually house.

One nigth i went to the theater with my sister. London is one of the best places to go to the theater. We saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert…it was amazing. Im talking, boas, sparkles and dancing. I highly recommend it.


It is a must to book everything before you arrive in the South of France. As long as you are booked you can adjust the times of your reservations. I also highlyyyy recommend you rent a car. This saved our trip and made it even more fun. We got to see sooo much more.


We stayed at the Carlton Hotel, it was beautiful and highly recommended that you book with American Express. They hook it up!

As much as I wanted to go to the Hotel Du Cap for a drink we ended up just spending all day at the beach drinking, going to our room to nap and just going to any restaurant at night. The restaurants were ok…nothing amazing…but the Carlton Beach was the best. Ordering drinks, fruit, and anything you heart desired all day long. My man and I really enjoyed ourselves.



Palm Beach

St. Tropez:

We drove to St. Tropez, which was a very easy drive. We stayed at my cousins house in the Town of Grimaud….it was heaven. It felt like we were in a forest and then we would drive 10 minutes and be in the town of St. Tropez.

Most people that go to St. Tropez stay in villas, rented homes…I dont believe many people stay in the actual town of St. Tropez…unless you stay at Byblos…which has a very Chateau Marmont vibe to it.


Joseph: eat and party all at the same time.

L’escale: owned by Joseph, but offers more sea food

L’quai- Sushi….a bit cheesy, but fun to go with a couple

Club 55- this is a must…the most beautiful beach restaurant and amazing beach. Get there early, get a spot on the beach, order a bottle of rosey and HALL…once you are at a perfect relaxtion hit up the store for some retail therapy. I wanted to  buy everything at the shop.

Nikki Beach- WARNING….only go if you are a Ed Hardy wearing, cheese ball, dang dang type of person…we walked in and walked out…very low class…but people were really partying hard.

La Voile Rouge- go when you want to party in the day…and be ready to be soaked with Champange. The food is incredible. This and Club 55 are a must!


VIP Room

Le Cav

The Holy Land

I just returned to La La Land after spending 5 days laying on the beach and eating amazing Israeli food. If the French weren’t there, Israel would be the bestttt place to visit in the summer. It boiling hot (which I love, but awkward sweat at night can sometimes be superrr unattractive) Me and Morgs, the little sister I never had, but really isn’t a little sister because she knows all my secrets and she is more like a bestyyy with sister qualities…anywayssss, we hiked to Yaffa in search of the perfect falafel. 2 hours of walking in the heat, we found our falafel place obviously with a side of picklessss and obviouslyyy had to be chatted up by men that lived in the “palestinian quarters” as well as two soldiers who claimed they had just come from killing 5 terrorists…. The people love their country! If anyone wants to travel to Israel these are the musts…

To Stay: The Hilton is the only place to stay in Israel…i knowwww what you are thinking, but just grin and bare it because it is right on the beach and everyone stays there. Just don’t try to wake up for breakfast..its sooo not worth it.

To Go Out: Clara, Galina, Sublet, anywhere along the port….more to come

To Eat: Everything there is amazing…these are the restaurants  I ate at….

Boya, Cantina, fish restaurant in the port, Sopora (make sure you either speak french or hebrew….nooo english there)

ohh yahh…and by the way its called hhhhhuuuuuuummmmuuussss, not just hummus

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