Th t Sh t Cra Y !!!!

‎”We are making music history Tonight” Kayne West

The track NIP was actually recorded in Paris and we are together (Jay-Z and Kayne) on the same stage in France…
The producer of the track Hit-Boy, who is signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label came into the mosh pit with French flags. Legendary!!!!
WORLD RECORD: N***** in Paris was performed 11 times!
I danced all 11.

ok Fine! I may be a bit obsessed with Paul Kalkbrenner.  After watching him perform at the Cannes film festival you would think i’d had enough, Right? Well, actually then he performed in Maxim’s last weekend in Paris too. What can i Say “Every time is like the First time.” His Album Berlin Calling may be a sign that i may need to go see him play there too…hehe My favorite songs on this album are Aaron & Sky and Sand.


“You may have the body but do you have the Soul?” Our song ….

Gus Black considered Indie/folk/rock is one of my favorite Film/TV/musician producers. Why? you ask because he tends to write for film and tv quite a lot…It probably works since he tends to use chords and melodies that take you Away deep into scenes.

Christianne Christensen StreetKind the surfer boys from Florida
I have seen them live a few times..my favorite Performance was definitely at the Roxy Theatre in LA.
“And take her to my lex to….. show her were the Crib is at” Gangster/ StreetKind

I ReALIZE THAT YOUR hard to get i realize that i’m making you” Realize

Keep it rolling…keep it rolling…Take out the guitar a bit, bring out the drums. Why must we Rendezvous…? Deal me a different Card.  ”You know you love the Rock Stars”  my Brain.

The Oscar soirées paired with my life may lead to casualties, mortality, or light.

GOTYE….the soundtrack for the Eve……….
Tnxs Anne and Richard for a beautiful Malibu Oscar Party.

It doesn’t get any better than Lana del Rey who dropped her Album “Born to Die” Today January 31, 2012.  Of course, I swung by Amoeba Music on Sunset Blvd for my copy.  She is Perfection.

“Born to Die is not about Fucking. it’s more about….When i found someone that made me feel really happy, that was so different to the way i’d felt before in my life,” Lana del Rey

And then she performs live….
A star is born. Lana del REy qualifies as Cinematic Royalty. I think her music is trashy Elegance (new term i invented and she managed to convey inpulsively). A combination that has being attempted by men Rock Stars with success and many women but never with the perfect balance of Lana. There lies Darkness in Beauty and she has definitely seen how and why. The self-proclaimed dark star comes sugar coated since she’s drop dead gorgeous. She mixes operatic sounds with punk beats and new age melodies. It’s unique. Her lyrics are raw and uncensored giving the listenser a real sense of who she is. Combining her hand made video compelations like  ”Video Games” she touches a dreamer culture that are all to ready to lick all those sugery coats and get to the button of this little musical genius. Isa Barta, a model and new-comer to the LA scene with a Rock n’ roll house right off sunset to go with her Arrival was my company. Being kicked out of the venue escorted by security…Isa failed to notice the Trouble.

Christianne Christensen w/ Isa Barta


I am officially obsessed with Alex Clare…Seriously i know i always go for the English artist but listen to this boy belt it out…Serious Soul.


I now can imagine what the inside of a Rock legend brain is like …. Speechless at the moment. Sitting at dinner with Pink Floyd brought me closer to this song…..

You are my Heaven. I may be seriously in love with Ron Pope ‘s sweet music. His new album just dropped and it’s just perfect for being warm and cozy this holiday season. Prepare to be seduced with songs “Fireflies and You’re the Reason i come home.”

I have being meaning to share the Parisian garage/ Punk band  Cheveu with My yogi’s for a few years now but couldn’t bring myself to admit i like their madness. i met the boys a few years back when they were looking for a PR girl and dropped off their insane album over to me. My favorite song is “Happiness” but truth be told even though i can listen to a few tracks i wouldn’t  think of them as my confort zone.  I have to admit they’re peculiar approach to marketing their sound raises a few ears. The trio has being in the limelight with the song “Dog.” i would give them some credit for their musicality…. you have to remember this is before the black keys etc.

Let me see who you ARE?

They just wanna know where the plane @ !!  burn after Rolling.

gonna Take my Time… DM

I went to California to get away from you but it tastes like Tennessee

This got me up this morning….looking forward to Miami Art Basel in December.

We’re far from Home…What we dream is all the Matters…Now go watch  it on Prime time!!!! Who’s gonna Save the World TONIGHT????

My new Favorite Band check them out….. They mostly do covers but before you listen up, just remember they are FRENch….!!!

“I could watch you for a Lifetime. You are my Cinema.”

from the American Riviera.

Sang this Last night as a Duet…So magical. it was my first time singing in front of Strangers. The song is an oldie by now but i think it’s a classic already!!

Home is where ever i am with you…

Oh my Gosh……! They are Naked and Famous!

Give into me….

Danish singer Medina’s 4′th single “Vi To” from her album “Velkommen til Medina” – Video is directed by Sigurd Hoeyen.

Don’t you wanna just Dance! Britney is back in Town, Again

“Tonight my Religion is LA” Lady Gaga Lady Gaga's Ruby Slippers
I have to say before i write this, Lady Gaga turned 25 years old in front of my eyes, blew out her candles and wished that my dreams come true …kkkk we can move on now!
I screamed like a little girl when three of the most amazing human beings asked me to come along to the Lady Gaga concert. A female director, a photographic genius and a mogul (more details soon). Really? Yes, really! To top it off, we sat right behind the ProTools console. I am sorry to be the one to break the news but even Lady Gaga (who sings LIVE) needs to have her concert produced. You all know I was a studio rat for many years so I love the behind the scenes stuff. I was even introduced to some Interscope Record peeps and viola … Gaga galore.
The concert was thrilling but most importantly it had a message … Fine, it was mostly a message for and to the gays but whatever, I kissed a girl once or was that 4 times … The point is she rocked the house even with her yellow crazy hair with 10 inches of roots. Gaga, I know roots are in and all but did you have to let them grow out? KKK I’ll stop. Here are some of the things she said on the eve of turning 25…
Gaga Says and yogi in Stilettos’ It Responds:
“I want my lipstick all over your face.” This sounds yum!
“You can’t buy a house in heaven.” Well, I hope you can at least buy a cute angel outfit.
“I prefer a giant dose of bullshit to the truth.” Can we make t-shirts ASAP!
“I’m a free bitch.” AMEN.
“Been a long time since I’ve been in town but this time I’m not leaving without you.” Lyrics from her new song which has not been released … I am positive it’s a hit. I heard that crazy girl sing it live and omg did she live this.
You’re welcome my lil chiclets!

ps i picked this video because my beautiful friend Brandi is one of the dancers in it. You Rock Brandi!!!

Bat For Lashes
Bat for Lashes is Ethereal, and yet unyielding all at once. She evokes power and beauty in one commanding stroke of her music and lyrics. Her music is feminist in a vulnerable tone. Her new album releases soon. keep you posted.

oh tortured little girls listen up…

in ode to Fakin it loving Paris this month!!! One of my favorite new Releases in the city of Lights and love.


“No one’s gonna love you like i Do. Anything to make you smile” Band of Horses
My obsession for a while now…… this band from Seattle originally known as “Horses” has 3 studio albums out and i love all their tracks. Listen and become mesmerized!

I don’t mean to brag but i will hehe…. I was Speaking of being the muse on my previous post and then i thought i would share a song that was written about moi…..!!!!
Yes, Yours truly had a little song called “Escuchame” performed by Carlos Ponce written about the day a certain someone met and later courted me. There’s a few more out there but i am giving you my secrets in Doses. Wouldn’t want you to overdose on the days “I only played Musicians.”

Christianne Christensen and Jason Mraz

I can’t believe it …… I got to listen to and hang out with one of my FAVORITE artists of all time, Jason Mraz, at the grand opening of Cafe Gratitude (a raw yummy new place in Hollywood). My girlfriend Tamara, being a raw food insider was asked to come to the invite-only but full-of-love event. Since I am all about the RAW, I was happy to attend. Jason is a good friend of the owner and Tamara knows all the raw peeps, so there we all were. His performance was a secret; and can I tell you that when he came up to sing for 100 of his closest friends, I almost fainted. Ask Tamara if you don’t believe me!!!! No one even looked up (yogi’s can be so unaware of these things, you know). Well, I asked him after his performance as we were eating a raw pizza if the song “A Beautiful Mess” was about me. He looked at me as we chatted and then said “most definitely.” Swoon. A raw foodie who writes music. I may be in love. hehe I have such a soft spot for rock stars!!! Well, he’s more like a vegan rock star but you get my drift. Here is a video from the event. Sorry it’s so wobbly. I was dancing and screaming, “I love you Jason,” so it was hard to film. Enjoy.

One of my finds from back in 2002 when i was hanging out with Latin American PoP stars in my teens was Mexican band Belanova. It might seem like a strange way to come of age hanging in recording studios but in Retrospect it made me who i am today. I had the opportunity to style cool artists, be a lyricist, learned how to produce an album, was always the muse, and partied like a rock Star at all times. ; )
Denisse the lead singer is so avant Garde in real life too. Check out her Band and new Music.

more songs to listen too…..Belanova
Even though KAbah was before my time i was around when the group tried to comeback in 2004 and then eventually broke up the next year due to creative differences. This is my favorite song they ever made. So whimsical!!! A Latin American Pop Classic.

Grammy Awards 2011
I am in love with this song…Great Lyrics and very unique artist.
And the Yogi GRammy Goes to….Christina Perri
Album: Jar of hearts.

I hear you’re asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

And learn to live half alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are
Running ’round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are
Dear, it took so long just to feel alright
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed
Cause you broke all your promises
And now you’re back
You don’t get to get me back
Jar of Hearts
The Black Keys is an American blues-rock music duo consisting of vocalist/ guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney.
“tighten up on your reins, your running wild running wild” TBK

Sopie Ellis Baxter my Favorite European Artist Shoot in Venice, Italy

Kings of Leon are coming to Coachella 2011

Fun Fact:
Contrary to popular belief the KOL are not English, they are American boys from Tennessee, hmmm.
So welcome back to America boys!
Well, they will be playing in Southern California April 15, 2011. I heard the Strokes and Kayne West are coming too!


There are no words to describe this movie…lets just say you leave feeling drained. Oh yah and wanting Ryan Gosling soooo much it hurts! Of course I was obsessed with the song that was “their” song…so I tracked it down and obvi downloaded it…listen to it here

Britney Spears new single released today 1-11-11

Soho London with my English Bombshell Kyrah

I truly believe friends are God’s way of smiling upon us!

When in London I always want to see my British belle Kyrah.

Kyrah is…..Positive, Warm, Beautiful, Kind, Lovely, Talented, and Smart.

And one of my best friends in the world!

This afternoon we had lunch in Soho after we worked up quite an appetitte while browsing Top Shop on Oxford Street.

She has asked me to style her many times but the real challenge is never to make her look beautiful as you can see in her new video due to release in the UK in June.

Fakin it »-(¯`V´¯)-»’S Kyrah

Angus and Julia Stone

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