We are obviously not love doctors … but we each have been through enough to understand how people feel in all different relationship situations. I will also include some of my favourite articles that I find on relationships.

Dysfunctional Magic Advisory

Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo

Cinderella and Christianne Christensen Cinderella: I love you and want to live in the castle with you forever
Prince charming: Let’s have an open relationship instead. You are the one i want but i need variety. You know how i feel about you. I have tried the regular relationship and it simple doesn’t work.
Cinderella: huh? what’s an open relationship?
Prince Charming: it gives me the right to cheat and yet you can’t get upset.
Cinderella: i rather hang with the mice in my crummy attic and my over bearing sisters than deal with your stupidity.
Something may be wrong with the Unicorn blood. Fairy tales are in instinction..


A person with whom you have an immediate connection the moment you meet — a connection so strong that you are drawn to them in a way you have never experienced before. As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them. And when you are not around them, you are all that much more aware of the harshness of life, and how bonding with another person in this way is the most significant and satisfying thing you will experience in your lifetime. You are also all that much aware of the beauty in life, because you have been given a great gift and will always be thankful.


“I always wished that I could find someone as beautiful as you, but in the process I forgot that I was special too. ”
— Madonna

Friends with Benefits > A real relationship

yogi in Stilettos Confession # 3,675

I have always wanted to have a friends with benefits sorta thing … Something like what Rachel, Ross and Joey had on Friends, where you can just come home after a mega boring date and eat ice-cream with your buddy and not really care. He confesses to be emotionally unavailable while I conclude I am emotionally damaged like in FwB. Well, My mega smart Princeton Grad neighbor moves in and we casually say hi for months. He asks one day “So who’s white truck is it that sometimes comes over?” “Ummm my pool guy,” i quickly respond. “But we don’t have a pool,” he jumps in. “Right, so who’s Mercedes is over in your spot?” I ask “My sister’s,” he adds.  ”You told me you had four brothers,” I laughed. Now that that’s in the open he strikes a deal with me. He suggest we have Healthy Tuesdays, where neither of us drinks or goes on a Date. I usually cheat if I’m not filming by having a lunch date and a Bellini while he’s @ work. SSSShhh When healthy Tuesday starts at 6pm i am fresh as a daisy. hehe. Anyway, here are the perks to having a friend/neighbor with benefits in your very own Melrose Place (PG version).

1. I can use him for his gigantic TV and watch girly movies (i don’t even own a TV so it’s like going to the movies)  2. I can always crash his parties since I am cordially invited and the after party is always on my way home, like literally before the elevator (let me just say San Diego boys know how to party). 3. I always get a fun Tuesday dinner followed by a walk on the beach park. 4. I can talk about anything since we aren’t dating. 5. I have someone to permanently install anything. A printer etc. 6. I get to play with all his toys. I have my eye on the boards of course! Conclusion, I am convinced every girl should have a guy friend in her immediate radius. Especially one that is super cute & sweet. His benefits include my pretty smile, tons of hugs and I always bring fruit over. He’s not allowed to come to my apartment but last Tuesday I said we could have pizza instead of the usual salad. Oh, I tell you it’s the simple things that bring me joy! There you have it, a perfect partnership with no strings attached and no expectations of any sort. Bliss!

Yogi in Stiletos Because a smooch is all it takes…here are some more fun facts

  1. Kissing is good for teeth. The anticipation of a kiss increases the flow of saliva to the mouth, giving the teeth a plaque-dispersing bath
  2. Lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers.
  3. Who needs exercise when when you’ve got French Kisses…A quick romantic kiss will burn about 2-3 calories, whereas French kiss (an openmouthed kiss with tongue contact) will obliterate more than 5 calories.
  4. Kissing can help women relax and ease the effects of stress.
  5. On the average, a person spends 20,160 minutes (two weeks) of his life on kissing.

What happens when happily ever after doesn’t happen? Where does Cinderella go?

“You will find, when you look back at your life, that the moments where you truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love,” Diana, my sister, said this to me a year ago when I first started dating for the first time in my life.  I have been in a relationship since I was 16 years old. Yes, I know where am I from, Greenland? The truth is, this just happened to me. I went from my pink teenage room to my new home as a wife. I never dated in my life. My princess wedding was the talk of my home town Coral Gables, Fl and was featured in every Latin American medium around the globe. Yet, did the princess really know what she was doing? I won’t get into the reasons why my marriage didn’t work out (this is out of respect for my beautiful family). Here I was in my 20′s, dating for the first time in my life. I can’t say I have made all the right choices. I tried to mind my own business and tell all the boys I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship at the moment since I was still healing. I did manage to go against everything I believed in and got swept off my feet more than I’d like to admit. With all these different emotions going through my mind, I had no one to turn to. My sisters have also been in long term relationships since their teens and all my friends knew dating all too well. I couldn’t relate. “You have to call them after a week; “You’re like the girl from enchanted; “You can’t be so available and there are games you have to play,” said my friends. What games? Isn’t love simple? What happened to love at first sight? Real love isn’t about games or texting at the wrong or right time. I was completely lost and even went to great lengths to uncover the truth behind what dating is all about. I understood it as: someone says, “I love you,” and they mean it with all their heart. What does dating mean? Well, I don’t know, so I have decided to make a list of things I believe every girl should know before going on a DATE.

1. When you have been in a long term relationship (5+years) and then start dating, you should be locked away in a dungeon until you find your marbles again.  Once you find your marbles, realize you are not going to bond with someone straight away. It is unrealistic of you to think you can pick up where you left off in your last relationship. This takes time and clinging to the first boy that makes you fluster is never a good idea.

2. Dating is a form of human courtship consisting of social activities done by two persons with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. The formal definition says “Between two people,” right? The part that confuses me is, do you date more than one person? Is that the contemporary view? My friend Michael Yo told me at dinner once, “That’s the point, you date different people.” Huh? Eeewwww but don’t they care you are dating different people? Guess not, so go about your business.

3. Keep busy. A mind with nothing to do will only bring you trouble. Besides, if your going to be going on all these dates you’ll need things to talk about. You’ll need to be charming and engaging.

4. You know how all your girlfriends want to borrow your clothes? Well, boys just want to take them off. Be prepared to have will power since they will say and do anything to go there. “I love you and want to be together forever,” translation: Can I see you naked for the next few months. I am a firm believer that sex should come with love, devotion  and marriage but I realize now that is a bit orthodox of me, and even though I won’t change my point of view on the matter, I realize we are in modern times, too. “Catholic girls start much too late” Billy Joel.  Oh, the contradictions in my head.

5. Slow Down. Patience is a virtue. Getting to know someone takes time and even though you may think you know someone it can all become different in a few months time. Some men are ever ready to disguise their real character and it is no easy matter for a lady to scan it.  People change. When they are courting you, they are lovely, but once you are their girlfriend things may change. Be aware when making life choices before you leap. My mother’s advice of course.

6. I do believe in love at first sight. It is one of the things I pray is real in this world. Nonetheless, it can be confused with lust. Real love should also have lust but it shouldn’t be the only element holding the two of you together. Real love is deep and not what we perceive it to be; it requires strength and character. Tnxs Isis, this was a good realization.

7. Fall in love as many times as you’d like in your life. However, one thing will never change in my fairy tale mind. There is only one person out there for us. Only one and when you find each other, you will both know.

8. I hate to recognize this concept but it came to me today after talking to a sweet smart boy about my unconventional past. The more love is thwarted and opposed, the more it is strengthened and increased in devotion. Genuine and unselfish love is never fully established and confirmed until it has undergone the fiery ordeal of trial and disappointment. This is not to say you will put up with nonsense and basic human kindness. It means love is complex and sometimes when we believe something to be gone, it becomes real again.

9. Another thing, can you please stop googling each other. Do you think Cinderella googled prince charming? How un-romantic, tacky and silly of you to think the person on cyber space will fill your heart. Just Stop. This bothers me because who I am personally and with my soul mate has nothing to do with who I am to the world. They are two different people. I am a warrior in life and the most vulnerable little girl at home. I imagine we are all a bit misunderstood in that regard. Do we really need the internet to showcase the true intentions in our hearts? Take me for example. I am an actress living in LA with fancy talk and sexy pictures but in reality I was born on a coffee farm, my favorite place in the world is with my family on our ranch with a bonfire, I am happiest in mother nature (in the country or on the beach) and even though I buy a million shoes I take them off everywhere possible (I love being barefoot). You would never know that if you googled me. Getting to know someone on a deep level is your best bet to happily ever after.

10. On another note,  people tend to think they are so great because they are loved, but in reality it is those who love them who are great. “Your ability to love is a gift” said my beautiful Katya one afternoon. Perhaps a sheltered princess hasn’t got a clue at times, agreed! But I am grateful to have a beating heart. There might be such a thing as too much of anything so remember that when you are loving someone with all your might. Do they deserve this love? You know the answer, now go fall in love, Cinderella, your prince awaits. Careful with the toads!!!!

11. If someone truly loves you, they will find you. They will do anything to be with you. Drive miles, fly the distance and make it work. The rest is just excuses. Coming from different backgrounds is tough but it doesn’t define us. We are all spirits of the universe, therefore we are all one being. Love conquers all. If someone says they need time, space or anything that requires you to be apart, they are simply not the person for you. In the end “all we need is love” the Beatles. Tnxs Misha  (she taught me this one).

12. Lastly, I will contradict myself by saying fairy tales are told to us as children to instill the social illusions (values) that shape our perception. Find that special someone and live happily ever after. No fighting, marriage counselling or messy divorce lawyers will be necessary. Santa will reward those who are good with gifts for free. Comply and you will be rewarded. What is not said is that with effort, you can produce your own values and a happy life centered on your own true nature, the rewards of which far out weigh the temporary excitement of a gift earned by selling yourself out. This I learned from my dear friend Anne who told me as we sat in Soho house in LA in her Parisian accent: “Why so much focus on men, are they that important?” I say life is about balance, finding a happy place where you love yourself as much as you love another. That is the beauty of love – it never runs out.


She died of Kisses

Don’t take my breath away. Don’t take anything at all.  Don’t leave me breathless just don’t leave. Don’t give me everything become everything. Don’t create a perfect world for me create magic along side my imperfections. Don’t call me childish and instead come play in the dirt.


(yes I wrote this; I am always asked).

“We laughed until we had to cry, we loved right down to our last goodbye, but over the years we’ll smile and recall for just one moment we had it all.”

David Foster/ St. Elmo’s Fire

As my weekly package arrived from my mom, which includes style magazine, latest perfumes as well as any gossip happening in London. She attached an article she had ripped out of the paper talking about specialized dating websites.

Listen, it has come to a point in life where sometimes going to a bar isn’t going to guarantee you meeting your future husband. It might not even guarantee a good night kiss. So why not look elsewhere to meet people? Why not go online? We are all whoring ourselves out on facebook, posting exactly what we are doing, who we are with, even documenting it with pictures, yet the idea of dating online seems embarrassing or impossible to meet anyone.

The article talked about sites going so far as being called,, (self explanatory), even You can literally be matched with someone who has the exact same interest, religious beliefs, eating habits, even love for pets. So ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking to find a wife, husband, companion, whatever, you have no excuse that you haven’t found ‘the one’ yet. The internet is your oyster! Search away!

No chemistry?

This morning on Ryan Seacrest I caught the end of one of his topics. If you go on a date with someone and there is no chemistry or initial attraction on that first date, do you go on a second date? Or do you give the guy another chance? Everyone knows the story about me and my man (didn’t have one feeling for him for 9 months). Anyways, I was never one to give someone a second chance. I strongly believed that if the sparks weren’t there it wasn’t worth it….But, now, I really think it takes at least three dates to give the person a stamp of approval. The first date is awkward to say the least. The guy is so nervous, the girl usually goes on about how hurt she was in her past relationship…it’s a mess! I think by the third date you begin to start to know each other, then you can make a final judgement. Imagine I never gave my man chance after chance? I would probably be fakin it in another city. Also, you never know if maybe the timing isn’t right and you will run into each other a year later and things click. Never close the door to anyone’s love…

5 signs she’s into you!

Listen up boys! Here are 5 signs that the date is going well and you may be on track for date number 2.

She touches herself up

If your date leaves to go to the bathroom she is most likely going to make sure she has nothing in her teeth, her hair looks great and her make up is just right. This is a good sign because it shows she cares about her appearance.

She asks about your family

Your relationship with your friends and family are very important and if a girl is asking she is trying to find out what kind of guy you are. This means she wants to get to know you better.

She’s attentive

In this case if she puts her phone away or is not checking it every 5 minutes and looks you in the eye, listens, reacts to what you are saying then she is for sure interested in you.

She’s touchy-feely

If you find your date engaging in a little physical contact along with witty banter, chances are you’ve made a very good impression. From tapping your knee to emphasize a point or touching your forearm to get your attention, if a woman’s attracted to you, she won’t hesitate to reach out and let you know.

The date lasts longer than you expected

Remember my first date story? I told my man I had somewhere to go after, for an easy get away…but then I ended telling him my friend could wait…this is a good sign! This means the conversation is good and the girl is looking to get to know you and spend time with you.

The day is upon us…

Well it is finally here…Valentines Day. I hope, unlike me you planned a head of time and are all ready for tonight. I will fill you in on my evening surprises. Feel free to leave comments on how your valentines day was…Good and Bad.

He loves me, he loves me not

yogi in Stilettos

It’s officially February is here which means every girl who is in a relationship is counting down the days till Valentines Day… and every girl that isn’t is trying their best to forget this day even exists. My problem is that my birthday is a couple of days before Valentines Day so my man is trying to do a 2for1 special … but that is soooo not happening. Anyways, I was chatting with him last night and I was saying we should do this, or that, then this morning it clicked like a light going off … he should be the one planning! Call me old fashioned, and single ladies excuse my gushing … but the man should plan Valentines Day. Whether he can only bring you some flowers and you eat at home or you go away for the weekend he should have something up his sleeve. This is a day of love, passion, romance…he will have already had his Superbowl weekend. Let him sweep you off your feet. With that here are some gift ideas for both men and women.

SINGLE LADIES: I know this day can be hard, but don’t let all those hearts and love depress you. Make plans with the girls or book yourself a massage. Just because you don’t have a man doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself. Drink champagne and toast to life!

For Her:

  • Obviously flowers (in my case I love flowers when it is a surprise, so I would much prefer my man bring me bags of candy, valentines day candy) Candy is the key to my heart!
  • Jewelry- what girl doesn’t love jewelry. Even a necklace with both your initials can be cute…but if you think this is creepy stick to something simple. A nice bracelet, earrings…and always remember “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”
  • avoid pre set menus, which pretty much every restaurant will offer and cook your woman dinner. Or, hire a chef to cook dinner…OR hire a chef to give you a cooking lesson and then eat what you made
  • Get away…go out of town, whether its a car ride away or a plane away there is nothing like a vacation to spruce up the romance.
  • If you can’t get away book a hotel room in the city you live in for the night. It will feel like you are on vacation. Book a couples massage, order room service and enjoy
  • Buy a box of those cute valentines card they sell at CVS (the ones kids bring to school to pass out) write something different on each card and have your girlfriend/wife open them through out the day…they could say why you love her, or the naughty things you want to do all day.
  • I know valentines day is on a Monday, but on Sunday wake up and commit to something your girlfriend likes to do. Go to yoga class with her or on a long walk.
  • If you are really uncreative take her to her favorite clothing store, department store, jewelry store and tell her she can get whatever she wants.
  • Lingerie (keep it classy…or don’t, let Valentines Day be your excuse for trying something new)
  • Lastly, shower her with love…compliments, admiration…I promise, it will pay off

For Him:

  • Cufflinks or a tie
  • Pajamas
  • Sheets (add monogram to personalize)
  • Temper Pedic neck pillow (I swear this is amazing!)
  • If he is getting into an exercise regime you could get him new running shoes or a yoga mat
  • BBQ supplies
  • Give him a booklet of I.O.U’s and add different sexy/naughty things in it.
  • If he is into computers or gaming you could always get a Playstation, WII or just a game he has wanted
  • Subscription to a newspaper or magazine he reads
  • Lastly, tell him how much you ‘appreciate’ him and everything he does for you.

It will creep up on you

Valentines Day that is…not a freaky ex, so don’t  worry…Valentines Day is less than a month away and if this year you are actually participating instead of holding a voodoo ceremony, gifts ideas will shortly be posted. Start thinking from now because right at this time cute romantic comedies start coming out and us girls begin compare our relationship with the perfect one in the movies. GIRLS…this doesn’t mean your home free, start your lingerie search immediately!

“When he’s the one I’ll come undone, and my world will stop spinning and that’s just the beginning.”

Katy Perry

We have all seen the movie “How to lose a guy in 10 days”

Well, I have successfully mastered this in one short month. Yes, you get an added bonus of 20 extra days to torture the poor soul.

If you follow this easy guide you to can lose any guy in one month. First off, make sure you are in a living situation so he can’t escape. A foreign country is your best bet. The accommodations can’t be to accommodating since comfort may actually extend your stay. Something rustic like India, Cambodia or Latin America preferable. A place with no internet or TV so you can truly focus.

When you arrive make sure you arrive with at least two gigantic suitcases you are going to be torturing for an entire month you need to look fabulous. Splatter all your clothes everywhere to make sure he gets that you arrived. Go ahead decorate the tiny house/apt with your YSL shoes. The country always needs red Snake shoes anyway. What if there’s a bug in the Shower. Oh, and there will be so keep those red suckers handy.  Next, make sure you hog the Bathroom. It helps if the bathroom doesn’t flush religiously hence why the rustic background comes in Handy. Don’t forget to pick up a few bad habits along the way like becoming addicted to Ice cream among other vices like picking up heavy drinking. This step is really important because you will need to put on at least 15 pounds on your trip. It is really important you gain weight otherwise he will stay.

After, be sure to wake up very late at least at one o’clock. This will officially piss him off if you follow it with a really long hot shower (that takes all the hot water in the House) plus another hour to get ready. Don’t forget the bad habits routinely you have to gain at least 15 pounds. Finally, become very fixated with something like your hair. Even if back home you hardly touch it. Go to a local Salon put on those nasty cheap extensions you have always wanted to have. Another good trick is to put only one pair of Fake eyelashes on. Nothing looks crazier than fake attachments in the Country. Hehe You must be extremely bored to come up with this one so your Welcome! When you are doing your heavy drinking and eating you will become lethargic and perhaps snore or become difficult and sloppy in Bed, this will all contribute to the downfall.

Then never leave his sight even if you know people in the foreign country don’t answer their calls or messages. Even an hour away could backtrack you. Focus NO Space!

Finally a very important step is to be as Selfish as you can possible be this includes being late everywhere, bringing attention to yourself at all times, and of course be very very expensive. Things like I want this and that at all times make a big difference. Order the Champagne, sushi and extra dessert at all times. If it’s not affecting his Wallet he might not notice your selfish insanity and the evil plan will not be complete.

Trust me people nothing will send a guy running for the hills faster (and by “hills” I mean ex-girlfriend). Guaranteed. If this still doesn’t work and he merely suggest he needs space? Don’t give it to him. Send at least one text a day demanding he come back to you straight away. Crying is always helpful. It also helps if you have drained every inch of him and he is going through some big life event. All is fair in love.

Good luck.

p.s If you would like to keep the boy reverse all the Steps and actually be yourself. Since love is not blind after all. Love is about being selfless and aware.

Spice up date night!

Its always sooo exciting when you start dating someone new. The day leading up to your date you are looking forward to seeing where your man is going to take you, what you are going to wear…you have that excited, semi nervous feeling in your stomach…its so fun that everything is new…BUT, what happens when you are past the point of first date butterflies and going to your man’s “favorite” restaurant over and over again? Here are some ways to spice your date night.

  1. Variety, variety, variety! Always try and change up the places you go at night. “doing any activity that is new, dangerous or exciting will raise the brain’s dopamine levels. Mixing things up is one of the easiest ways to keep a relationship exciting” ( Thats not to say that every time you go out you have to always change it up, but I would say 1 out of 3 dates do something different. New restaurant, bowling, taking a cooking class.
  2. Take turns planning the date. Some nights let the man plan a surprising evening, while others you can come up with as well. Sometimes just sending your man a message the day before saying “tomorrow I am planning the evening” makes him excited to see whats to come…in my case my man just needs a nice home cooked meal and ESPN and he is satisfied.
  3. You don’t always need a plan. Some nights get into the car and just drive around until you decide what you want to do. Sometimes the most random, unplanned nights are the most fun.
  4. Not seeing each other all the time just spices up date night that much more! I am a strong believer in not spending every second with your man (if your married its a different story). I also don’t think you should be texting and speaking non-stop all day. If you do this, then when you finally do have date night what in the world do you talk about? At least if you hold off on the texting all day you can actually talk about how your day was. Also, not seeing each other for a couple of days makes the day leading up to getting together that much more exciting.

Ladies, don’t feel down!

As I was doing my daily browse through Marie Claire online I came across an article called  ”Being Dumped Makes You More Attractive” In it, it talks about, “if you’re a straight female. A new study out of the University of Michigan showed that straight men found women more desirable if they’d been dumped by their last partner (as opposed to if they’d done the dumping themselves). Women, on the other hand, were more likely to be into a guy if they found out that he was the one who’d broken up with his last girlfriend. It was a turn-off if the guy was the one who’d been dumped…” So what does this mean? “a man who sets the break-up wheels in motion shows dominance is a way that reinforces a woman’s cultural expectation of masculinity, whereas if a woman does the dumping, she comes off as too picky or powerful.” After reading this I didn’t know if I fully agreed…I mean I don’t think a man wants to go on a date with someone who is an emotional wreck from the last guy she dated, and the same goes with a girl. She doesn’t want to go on a date with a guy who is bragging about the last girl he dumped…what do you think?

BEst love Advice for 2011

“To much time and effort on Men makes us lose our own identity.” Misha Starr

Dropping the “L” bomb

Saying I Love You is BIG. It basically takes the relationship to the next level. But when is the right slash appropriate time to say it? Here are 4 tips to think about before you say those 3 fateful words:

1. Timing is everything. This is not the thing to say when you are in an intimate moment. Because if the feelings aren’t reciprocal, not only are you nakedly mortified, the moment is most likely ruined.

2. Don’t rush in. I love you isn’t the thing to say after a second or even third date unless you are my grandparents. They got lucky because it worked out for them. Definitely the exception, not the rule.

3. Don’t be in a mood-altered state. Drunk, high on life, or just plain giddy because you won the lottery are all not good states to be in when you say it. Because when the mood wears off, you may either not remember what happened or you may feel differently.

4. It’s a big risk. Get your game face on. And have the car running. Not really but you should be prepared for getting the reaction you may not want. Hey, it happens…but most likely the girl is dying to hear it and has been waiting anxiously for months

First Date Ideas

FIRST DATE FACT: “80% of men in the United States are spending over $100 a month on dates. 60% of women, on the other hand, are spending less than $50. Clearly, going dutch is not a good idea. Women don’t expect it. Those women who are spending any money at all are probably surprised to be doing so. Be a gentleman — and part of being a gentleman is not being broke”.

I think that the first date is tough. Sometimes one person is nervous, one person is having a bad day, one person is not as open as the other…there are so many factors that come together when a first date occurs. The man is usually trying to act way cooler than he is. Take me and my man’s first date for instance…he made me drive to his house (strike1, a man should always pick up his date, I don’t care if the girl lives 45 minutes away) so I was already off him…but then I figured I had a way out if it turned out terribly. I also told him I had a birthday party to go after (another escape route). I was prepared for disappointment at all angles. I go to his apartment to have a drink before and when we are walking out he says “should we take the range or the lambo” (Strike 2) So I squeeze myself into his lambo (my jeans were so tight that night I could hardly breath). Then if its not obnoxious enough he says, “you didn’t even mention my car” (Strike 3). He obviously hadn’t been out with anyone who didn’t care what he drove. We roll up to Ago, where at the time I didn’t realize everyone that works there are his patients. He gets out and knows everyone “Hi, hi, hey, how are you?!” Finally we go to sit down and low and behold all of his friends ‘happen’ to be sitting at the table next to us (strike 4). I am beyond embarrassed. I hardly know this guy and I am already being introduced to his friends. But, once I finally got him sitting down and focused on me I found him extremely charming. I even said “my friends party can wait.” BUT…it still took me months before I even started liking him…here are a few fun first date ideas that if used might help someone realize if this person is worth it. (ideas from

  • Drive down to the beach and walk and talk. Its a cute and fun way to find out more about each other.
  • Go to mini golf. It is semi competitive, yet you are in a family type setting, so no need for being nervous the guy is going to kiss you.
  • Have your palms read.
  • Go to a day spa together.
  • Go to a local museum
  • Go to a sporting event (only if you date is into sports)
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go Bowling
  • Go to a yoga class, then lunch after. At least you will have someone to laugh about during lunch.
  • Take her to a brand new restaurant (do you research before hand)

10 Quirky Facts about Kissing

Think you know a thing or two about kissing? You probably do. But the facts below are so off the beaten path, we’ll bet you don’t know them all — and they could come in handy. Not only could they provide some steamy “Did you know…?” small talk, but they’ll help you see all the benefits a satisfying liplock can bring into your life. Happy smooching!

1. Two out of every three couples turn their heads to the right when they kiss.

2. A simple peck uses two muscles; a passionate kiss, on the other hand, uses all 34 muscles in your face. Now that’s a rigorous workout!

3. Like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two lip impressions are alike.

4. Kissing is good for what ails you. Research shows that the act of smooching improves our skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches.

5. The average person spends 336 hours of his or her life kissing.

6. Ever wonder how an “X” came to represent a kiss? Starting in the Middle Ages, people who could not read used an X as a signature. They would kiss this mark as a sign of sincerity. Eventually, the X came to represent the kiss itself.

7. Talk about a rush! Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in our brains as parachuting, bungee jumping, and running.

8. The average woman kisses 29 men before she gets married.

9. Men who kiss their partners before leaving for work average higher incomes than those who don’t.

10. The longest kiss in movie history was between Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey in the 1941 film, You’re in the Army Now. It lasted 3 minutes and 5 seconds. So if you’ve beaten that record, it’s time to celebrate! (actual article found on

Engaging in your other halves interests

Today I was reading an article on and it was talking about how to “Put more life in your relationship.” I don’t know why, but I love reading these articles…not because I need to, but because I like to see what other couples do. Well one of the couples said that they really improved their relationship by doing activities that they might not have loved, but knew their significant others did so they wanted to support each other. Que Snoop Dogg and Mike Epps…now my man was born in 70′s…granted it was ’79…but his youth and times he would call “the good ol’ days” were the 80′s and 90′s…which means our taste in music is completely different. His radio is tuned to 93.5, while mine blares kiis FM. On his way to work one day, while listening to old school radio, he heard about a comedy show slash concert going down with Snoop Dogg and Mike Epps. Now I have begged him to go to Kings of Leon, Usher, even plays and his excitement level is almost as high as when he is drilling a tooth…but for some reason this show in particular he wouldn’t stop talking about going. Soo to my surprise he booked the tickets! Granted Snoop Dogg would probably not be the first concert I would jump for joy at, but because he was sooo excited I sucked it up, put my best snoop dogg outfit on and got ready for a fun night. A fun night it was…I really enjoyed myself (two tequila’s in). We dance, threw our fist in the air and laughed at Mike Epps, who is actually hilarious. All in all sometimes doing something that is out of the ordinary with you better half can really add spice to the relationship.

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