To pamper yourself is “to treat with excessive indulgence.” Every girl loves to indulge in the many beauty options LA has to offer and here we will be sharing our favorite beauty hot spots, beauty secrets and beauty tips…as I once read “Look your best, who said love is blind?”

Milan Fashion Week

Wedding Preparation 101

Here is a guide to prepare yourself for an upcoming wedding

  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise…in my class at Pilates Platinum of course! My family was there every day leading up to the big day. Also getting out, stimulating your muscles and getting your blood flowing for sure helps with stress.
  • If I must…start watching what you eat. Of course I am never a fan of diets, dieting, yo yo dieting…you end up gaining all that weight back anyways…but avoid foods that might bloat you, or give you an upset stomach. In my case I avoided anything dairy.
  • Mani and Pedi…of course visit my favorite nail salon Bellacures if you are going to their location on Montana in Santa Monica ask for Josh the owner, he is the best and will literally treat you like a movie star! Virginia the woman who works there literally helped pick each one of our colors out.
  • Visit your facialist up to two weeks in advance of the event (in case of bruising or scabs). Your skin will be flawless.
  • If your hair needs touching up visit your colorist two weeks before the event. I always say two weeks for everything in case something happens you have time to change it. In my case I went to my beloved Corinne at John Frieda. I don’t even have to talk she already knows what I need.

Wedding Day!

  • We had hair and make-up come to the house. This was the best. They literally rang the doorbell and I was still in bed! I drank my coffee, ate breakfast and got my beauty done in my pajamas
  • Tara Dowburd-Luftman is a make-up G-D! When I tell you she was finished with my make up at 8:30 am I still looked completely made up (not too much of course) by the 3 o’clock wedding…and the best part is that I still look flawless at 3:30 am when I was still partying. I don’t know what she did, and that might be her little secret, but she did an amazing job! I never once felt too made up, yet I looked like I had my make-up done. Put it this way, when I saw my sister getting her make-up done I have never seen her look so stunning that I cried! Find out all about Tara at Make-up Therapy
  • Ange for hair. I am very picky about my hair and if you know me you know why. I hate that crunchy curl look, yet I love waves and curls. It is hard to get a hair style to stay all day and Ange made it work. She did pin curls in my hair until everyone was done with hair and make-up, she took it out and kind of made my hair a little Jersey on the top. I even said I felt like I was in Jersey. She promised me if would go down, and all I can say is that my hair was perfect all day, all night and into the brunch the next day. Email Ange here

I have never encountered such an amazing hair and make up team (they are not a team, but lets call them one because they worked on all of us). Lets hope in the near future I will have many more events that I will have to use them for.

Kiss my Face?

Yogi in Stilettos Not sure anyone will kiss you @ ALL…but hear me out!  I am all about paraben free organic products that have little to no packaging etc., etc. Here I was in Whole Foods looking for a new deoderant that wouldn’t clog my pores. It is actually extremely bad to supress your pores in any area but especially your underarms since it is your body’s favorite avenue to rid it’s toxins…KKKKK I get it, we need an alternative deoderant to 24 hr never sweat for the rest of your life even in the dessert brands from the pharmacy. I love the organic brand kiss my face, but I have to say no one will want to kiss you anywhere with this deoderant.  hehe I suppose we should and can do this…..Buy one of each ( an organic one and a mild one). I love Dove it seems harmless enough but it still has toxic ingredients. Sooooo…. Alternate them! One day you get kissed, the other, let your body breathe….I know it’s a bit stinky but it is actually good for your body to indulge in a little persperation. Another organic trick is to cut a lemon in half and rub it under your under arms. This is good to do on the beach it also highlights your hair.


Sleeping Beauty.

Dream Water There is a reason why the words Beauty and Sleep go together so well. Coming from a girl that thought sleep wasn’t all that necessary….I have recently become sleep’s new adoring fan. I find I am always busy trying to eat this world whole; that I seldom indulge in a good sleep. I am frightened of pills like ambien since I find them non-spiritual. So I took it upon myself to find a natural beautiful way to get some ZZZZzzzzz’s. Introducing my new love DREAM WATER. It really does give you the best dreams. You feel as if you are Alice in Wonderland drinking your magic potion. In every fairy tale there is a white horse, right? It took a horse to make me realize I needed sleep. I had two glasses of champagne on Saturday eve and then went on my usual morning ride on Sunday. Can I tell you? You are better of driving a car than riding a horse in my condition. Hence, my conclusion, it’s ok to slow down and take a nap or sleep in. The world will wait for you so go ahead and have a dream or seven. It is a luxury you simply cannot live without, I realized!

Hot Springs in LA?

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and all my mom wanted to do was be with me and my sister (which is very rare because we are usually all over the world). My mom booked us massages at the Beverly Hot Springs. I had never been here, I only heard about it from a horrible experience my man had resulting in him leaving…needless to say the women’s side is a bit different from the men’s. They are real hot springs located in Korea town in LA. You come in and strip down (not recommended for anyone shy about their body). Girls I went to summer camp with know that I for sure am not! There are hot baths and freezing cold baths, steam rooms and a sauna. Then I went in for my massage and it was exactly what I needed. He literally got every knot out of my neck. I left there feeling amazing! If you are feeling like a different experience in LA I highly recommend it.

Dry Bar equals Hair’s Messiah

We have been waiting for this to come for a long time … a place that only offers blow dries. $35 gets you stick straight hair, bouncy curly hair, full and voluptuous hair … you name it, they can do it. I don’t know why I didn’t write about this place earlier because I have been going there for a while now. Their West Hollywood location has big mirrors, dark-ish grey walls and hints of yellow (my all time fave color combination.) Add a glass of white wine and “The Devil Wears Prada” and you’ll be done before you know it. Check out their website for all their store locations … Dry Bar

Zen Me

I jumped on the living social, groupon, lifebooker, blah blah blah bandwagon a while back and the odd time they have some really good deals. I was feeling a bit off and I woke up one day to a deal for acupuncture. I have done it in the past, but not in a long time. After cancelling numerous times I finally made my way to Evolve Wellness Center. It is tucked right behind Le Pain and Urth on Melrose. I would have never even known it exists if I didn’t have an appointment there. But, it is literally like stepping out of LA and into a remote part of Thailand. The music makes you feel like you are in the rain forest. Everything about this place soothes and calms you. All I know is that my session started at 2:30 and next thing I knew I was leaving there at 4. I must have passed out. The rest of the night…leading up to an argument that is…I was completely in a zen state.

Lasting all night long…

Have you ever gotten yourself all made up and by the time you get to where you’re going you have to basically re-apply more make up? This was always happening to me, so I did some research…everyone suggested Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Recently I purchased the sand tinted moisturizer, with SPF 15 in it (if you choose not to get the spf, make sure to put your own on, as sun screen is the best anti-aging cream you can use) I am never one to wear concealer, but this has changed my life! I can go out and not bring my make up. I look the same at the beginning of the night as I do at the end (even with drinking) It’s smooth and goes on easy. For someone like me who doesn’t like putting make up on first thing in the morning, but also doesn’t like going out looking like complete death, this tinted moisturizer covers me up enough, without looking like I piled on the make up first thing in the morning.  Every girl fakin’ it in LA must get one!

Skin Refreshment

Sometimes the air in LA gets sooo bad, you can’t even fake having great skin (although I wear the least amount of make up ever) Its still hard and embarrassing when you have sudden out bursts of bad skin…Pro Active legit saved my life, or should I say my complexion. I think it is the greatest face wash on earth…but the odd time when the clarisonic and the pro active aren’t cutting it, I take a trip to my famous place for a facial…Dr. Ava Shamban for Dermatology. I used to go to her Santa Monica office, but the girl I usually see only works two days a week and was booked for like the next three weeks … I needed to see someone A.S.A.P … so they suggested I go to their Beverly Hills office. I showed up on the rainy Wednesday…remember it? Like two weeks ago.  I saw Stephanie. She was amazing, so gentle and knew exactly how to handle my skin. She did a micro dermabrasion using a machine that puts moisturising cream at the same time that it is taking off all the dead skin.  My skin looked and felt great! To make it in LA, a facial at least once a month is a must!!


9915 Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1606

(310) 843-9915

The number one person on this list is my man…Dr. Elliot Nayssan, DDS-310-557-8948..for all your dental needs, my man can take care of you!!

Dr. Gina Danesh- for all those unwanted hairs, the only option is to laser-310-850-5441

John Freida Salon in L.A. is my home away from home. I could literally  pack a bag and spend the weekend there. Once you step foot in the salon you will know what I mean. These are the only people I trust with my hair…

Patrick at John Frieda for hair…323-653-4040

Corinneat John Frieda for color…she is g-d- Same # as above.

I have yet to find my usual nail place. I obsess over the latest and best colors. I noticed on twitter that Daily Candy ( is creating a page to their favorite nail polishes…that is the best idea everrrrr.

The Vanity Fair party for the Academy Awards is one of the most glamorous and famous parties of the year … Here we will splurge on all the fabulous parties and events we attend. Enjoy!

Fashionably late Cinco de Mayo

I know Cinco de Mayo was so last week, but in my busy state I haven’t been able to write about it. I can’t even remember what I did last cinco de mayo, so this year my man wanted to make sure we did something fun. It was a Thursday, which is always fun. I met up with my man at his office and we walked over to Pink Taco at Century City. During Cinco de Mayo this place turns into a full blown club. DJ’s, topless waiters, half naked waitresses, shots and tacos…not to mention the newest about to explode rock star who happens to be my new best friend…what more could you want on Cinco de Mayo? Needless to say I was not feeling great when we went to go meet my parents for dinner after.

An American Royal Wedding.

Christianne Arauz and Clint Eastwood
I was back home in Miami minding my own business (well kinda more on that later) when a few dear friends urged me to come to Vegas. I HATE vegas btw but when i heard English princess Andrea and the king of Las Vegas MR. Steve Wynn, an American casino/ real state developer were tying the knot, i made an exception. One of my best friends in the World, we will call him MR. Ginourmous (he refuses to be mentioned in my madness hehe) asked me so nicely i couldn’t refuse and off i was to sin city. The weekend affair was held at Mr. Wynn’s little hotel called the Wynn/ Encore. The guest list included Garth Brooks (who was my favorite performance of the whole event, I love Country music), Donald Trump, Tommy Hilfiger, Clint Eastwood, Celine Dion, Sylvestor Stallone to name a few and my partner in crime Debbie Matanopolis. I ofcourse had one to many glasses of champagne the 1st night and ended up staying in the following day lounging at my gf Sarah’s villa whom she shares with her hot man and all his gorgeous French guy friends (someone had to entertain all 5 boys). They gambled away 3 million in one afternoon i laid by the pool and ate tuna salad. it was a deal made in Vegas hell.  The wedding was simple (yeah right) but sweet i chatted with MR. Clint Eastwood and shared fashion tips with Tommy (i complimented him on his new ads, which i adore). Every guest had their very own miniature wedding cake to call their own, which i thought was different and clever. Nonetheless, the wedding kiss was my favorite, no no no not theirs the one between Debbie and I (this is Vagas people focus on my insanity for once…..And they lived happily ever After in Vegas!

PS. With all this wedding craze around me i wonder if i should throw a wedding birthday party this year? hmmmm

Bridesmaids Premier… Girl Power

Last night my fabulous friend Alexys, art curator and singer extraordinaire invited me to the Premier of Bridesmaids. The movie features many hilarious woman from SNL (Saturday Night Live). It is one of the first movies to have all woman comedians as the main leads…actually come to think of it, there were hardly any supporting male characters. The woman drive this movie and it is hilarious. We were laughing so hard through out the whole thing. The night had a lot of stars turn out, but probably the highlight was sitting in front of Eric Stonestreet (Cameron on Modern Family) and behind him Rex Lee (the infamous Lloyd from Entourage). After the movie we headed over to the Hammer Museum for the after party. Since the movie was called Bridesmaids the theme of the party was a wedding…well at least it felt like a wedding. Flower arrangements in bright pink, huge dessert table (which you know I photographed the most) and tons of alcohol. They had set up mannequins with clothing from the movie and really stepped up their most recession movie premier game! It was a fun evening, and a good way to prepare for the Royal Wedding.

Moët & Chandon Media Soiree

Christianne Christensen  and Julia FitzroyYogi in Stilettos is all about celebrating life! Even though a lady should never over indulge in alcohol, a glass of champagne is the best light spirit for any occasion. Just when i thought my champagne love affair had being sealed with a French Kiss. My gorgeous friend Julia (whom does all the marketing for moet in California) co-hosted a media soriee at a beautiful friends home in Beverly Hills to introduce Moët Ice Imperial and taste a 2002 vintage Rose. The French Champagne House Moët & Chandon has just launched its newest venture. For the first time ever, this champagne is especially formulated to be exclusively served over ice-a non traditional way to enjoy sparkling wine. “With Ice Moët Imperial, Moët & Chandon creates new opportunity to drink Champagne“, says Chef de Cave Benoit Gouez. A new opportunity to drink Champagne? Hmmmm, sounds like Moët Ice Imperial will be my Favorite  shinny lil item to hold this summer while wearing all my colorful Boulee wardrobe around the globe.

picture by Christianne ChristensenThis new premium Champagne range comes in a three-dimensional white and gold bottle and is a fabulous blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay with notes of tropical fruits such as mango and guava, sweet spices like licorice, red fruits and peppermint. This exclusive champagne, the Moët Ice Imperial will be available only in the most exclusive resorts around the world: from the beaches of Cabo San Lucas to Saint-Tropez and Los Angeles.  So glad they brought it to LA wuffff, Miami I’m bringing it home!!!!

Girls Talk

A vicious new play by Roger Kumble

Last night I attended the world premiere event of Girls Talk, a play written and directed by Roger Kumble (also wrote and directed Cruel Intentions, Sweetest Thing). I love the Sweetest thing and CI (actually CI is one of my favorite movies).  When my new friend Raquel, originally from NY but living out of all the places in the world for the season in Santa Monica, told me she went to college with Roger I nearly flipped. A group of us were invited by her to attend her dear friend’s premiere,  where the cast would perform in front of an audience for the very first time. Oh, did I forget to mention the cast? Brooke Shields, Eileen Galindo, Constance Zimmer. Nicole Paggi and Andrea Bendewald. The play was amazing and I’m not just saying this … I have seen and performed in my share of plays, I know! Lori, played by Brooke, is a stay at home mom that used to be a great script writer and now has the chance of a lifetime to go back into the industry, but is torn between being a mother and her career. We all know the things B went through (ppD) and you really feel her pain. Girls Talk is also hilarious!!! Claire, played by Constance (Dana Gordon on Entourage), is so funny you burst out laughing. Lines like, where are you going? “I am going to check in that I’m peeing in your bathroom on Facebook.” I seriously burst into laughter so many times. Some of my other favorite lines by the cast include, “Where’s Persia? Well, it used to be in the Middle East but now it’s somewhere between Doheny and Beverly Glen” and “OMG is that your daughter being photoghraphed in US weekly with Suri? Maroon is not Suri’s best color,” “Let’s have lunch at the Soho house to discuss the school fundraiser,” “She’s been trying to get into the Soho house for months, but they won’t let her, ssshhhh,” and my favorite “What’s wrong with her? She forgot to read the instructions on her cleanse.” Not sure if the play would appeal to cities other than Miami, LA and New York but come to think of it, every town has a mommy maven, the girl trying to fit in, the working mom and the single gal all trying to make things work. We all gossip, we all have dreams and want the best for our families so I take that back. Roger go for the feature film. Yogi in Stilettos looooooooovvvvvveeeeddd Girls Talk!!!!!

Actors Brooke, Constance and Nicole

Actors Brooke, Constance and Nicole

p.s  got to meet Roger and Constance after the show when the actors were getting notes. It was pretty extraordinary to watch this process with such acclaimed creative personalities.

A night full of LOVE

This past weekend we ventured up to the Four Season’s West Lake to attend our very good friend’s wedding. West Lake is beautiful, it is full of health spas, wellness centers and lots of mountains  (I assume to hike on). It is very green and by only driving 40 minutes you are completely in a different world that is so different from LA. We drove in the pouring rain (Dry Bar was useless) and arrived with enough time to relax and prepare for the big night ahead. My man had asked me to walk in the wedding with him and as the evening drew closer I could see his nerves increasing. He remained silent and pretty much ignored me throughout the entire Ketuba signing (a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride.) When it was time to line up he approached me and quietly said, “I’m a bit nervous,” as he took shots of tequila. I assured him I wouldn’t embarrass him or let him down … I knew once the service was finished he would chill out (I guess seeing your best friend get married makes you think … anyways). After a beautiful winter wonderland service, equipped with snow as the bride and groom walked down the aisle, the party started. We danced all night long (I wore flats under my dress, which was the smartest idea ever! I danced all night and my feet were perfect … shhhhh don’t tell my man, he had no idea!). Every detail in the wedding was perfect! The tables, the food, the music (although I didn’t know most of it, so I pretended to sing along). Bringing the after party to our room, our mini bar proceeded to be emptied, which is my biggest fear because as a kid we weren’t allowed to take stuff from the mini bar…I guess that rule never applied for Persians … My man was surrounded by all his friends, therefore he felt comfortable enough to change into his lucky charm pajamas and go to bed, leaving me to entertain our guests. Over all it was such a fun weekend, finishing it off by making pizza (check out DG) and watching the all star game. I wish the Bride and Groom a lifetime of love and happiness!

What did you think I would stay home and cry? Not sure how Don and Karl got a hold of my plans last night but they pretty much summed it up in their new Don Perignon master piece. “There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Loveless? Yes please!

White Vanity Fair Malibu, California

A white party consists of a few ingredients:

White St. Tropez attire, beautiful women (darling and lonely)

The most fabulous beaches in the world adjacent to an amazing house /lounge

Wealthiest gentlemen/gentleWomen only

an Excuse: In this case the Departure of Dear Friend Andy off to Run the Finance Capital of the world!

Hong Kong, China

100 Years of Polo in Santa Barbara

I adore horses, and all sports that include them seem like a perfect way to spend a beautiful California afternoon. When Rona Cortez cordially invited my dear friend & director Peter Maestrey, his partner Luis Moro, Shayda Javadizabeth, socialite of Razor Blade Co. and Moi to come along for a day of Polo in Santa Barbara, I gladly came along. It was only a matter of time before the game became intense and we confirmed who the star players were. Aldolfo Cambiaso from Argentina is the world’s best Polo player and Jason Crowder is the Santa Barbara superstar – he won league MVP. The day was filled with grand hats, Pedigree, champagne, fast cars, bodyguards and of course Polo. Once the game was over the celebration began. I danced the entire night away under a sea of stars with Jason, who is not only talented, adorable and kind, but also an amazing athlete. We have since become great friends. ; )

Jason Crowder poloJason Crowder and Adolfo Cambiaso









Christianne Christensen and Jason Crowder

Frankie and Alice Movie Premiere

It has been a while since I went to a movie premiere, and even though premieres looked way more glamorous on TV, I still love going. It reminds you what Hollywood is all about. Last night I attended Halle Berry’s new film “Frankie and Alice.” The movie is about a woman who has multiple personality disorder. Halle plays Frankie, a stripper who has had a very tough past. Tough enough that it has caused her to have multiple personalities. When she is another personality she doesn’t remember what happens. Halle Berry puts on an amazing performance. One that might have Oscar Nomination written all over it. Although I saw her, and she was looking stunning, I did not snap a picture because I can never bring myself to do that … so here are some pics of the movie poster.


Let’s discuss shopping and everything wonderful about it, as well as fashion weeks, shows, designers and labels we die for. Here you will find out about our favorite stores, purchases and of course sales … enjoy!

The Highlighted Ring Finger

Yogi in Stilettos Nail color has always been a forte for our dear Misha; she always knows the hottest colors and trends. It was only a matter of time for us to come up with a trend of our own. Yogi in Stilettos would like to formally introduce you to Finger Highlighting! With all the neons coming in this season it was only fair that our fingers get some LOVE too. So here’s the scoop….

Highlight one finger only (or two since we humans have two hands) to make a statement with color and your manicure. Yogi in Stilettos couldn’t leave it at “just a trend” of course, so each finger highlighted has a meaning and a purpose. Sometimes we work on our spirit and sometimes we need a little reminder from the outside in. It’s as if you have a constant reminder of your Goals in Life. A post-it to the road to happiness. I love splashes of color everywhere. I even re-griped my tennis racket in fluorescent orange to show I mean business. Hehe. Colors mean different things to different people. Nevertheless, they remind us of something powerful and they are meant to move us.

1. Highlight your pointer finger in White – the white will remind you of purity and light. Point that finger in the direction you choose. Let the light guide you to…

2. Highlight the thumb in Green – It will remind you of the Earth (gardening, flowers, and Mother Nature). This is especially great if you are working by the computer and need that little bit of Earth mid-day. If you can’t change your scenery, change the way you look at it.

yogi in Stilettos tennis3. Highlight your middle finger in RED – It’s your biggest finger, let it give you power and strength. Live in your strength everyday!!!! This is great for sports. I love playing tennis and riding horses so a little peek down at my hand comes a long way in competitive sports.

4. Highlight your ring finger in Highlight Yellow (as shown) – My dear friend Claudia told me one day, “You are not looking for true love right now in your life; you say you are but your actions say something else.” She was right, I wasn’t, but maybe I am shifting toward that direction and so I painted my ring fingers yellow to start the metamorphosis. I am open to love through my manicure and maybe my soul will follow? See, working from the outside to get the insides going.

Yogi in Stilettos Polo5. Highlight your pinky Pink – This is great for women who are in positions of power on a daily basis. It can be tough to compete with the boys (even though we would never tell them this). A little splash of pink will bring out a feminine side. This doesn’t mean you’ll back down on that business deal or show them any mercy, but it does mean you consider your heart when dealing with other people.

P.S. I am obviously loving highlighting the WORLD!


Preppy Girls in California?
I just met Mr. Hilfiger and I have to say I am a bit obsessed with his new ads. I complemented him personally and it felt he cared for my opinion. Guys, I am never ever star struck but this marked the start of my new life, it has to be a sign. Only one word to describe the new ads: PRODIGIOUS, and reflecting my inner dreams at the moment. Not sure why, but it makes me feel like going back home to the east coast … somewhere like the Hamptons, Connecticut, Coral Gables or Atlanta. You know, somewhere really preppy, reminiscent of my childhood, tween and teenage years. LA can be so informal at times and I can be such a flower child in California. My sister always says to me, “Remember who you are.” This ad reminds me of the put-together but also fun, adventurous me. If this is the look you are striving for this season, I recommend that you read, The preppy handbook. Only problem I have with this very funny take on New England living is, I could never wear heals low enough to run across pebble stone in. Yikes, that is just not happening. I prefer flats, keds or bare-feet. Nonetheless, that’s just my confined catholic girl rebelling against the look head-to-toe.

The Dress

I think Kate Middleton’s dress was the highest anticipated fashion piece of the year. She did not disappoint. I think I gasped when she walked out of the car! The dress is so elegant and classic. In 20, 30, 40 years from now when we look at pictures from this day, the dress will still be beautiful … not to mention her sister looked incredible. Everyone was so shocked her sister wore white as well, but on The View this morning they explained that in English Royalty weddings, the maid of honor wears white and this is acceptable … because I know every girl across America was like, “ohh noo she didn’t!!”

Kate Burton who stepped up to be head designer for Alexander McQueen when he died made this masterpiece. Kate’s dress has lace appliques hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework and also has hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly lace detailing. The body of the dress is ivory and white satin gazar. The train is 70 centimeters long.

Rumor is that Kate did her own make up … incredible!

She wore a 1936 Cartier halo tiara lent to her by Queen Elizabeth. The tiara was purchased by King George VI for the Queen Mother and was presented to the Queen on her 18th birthday.

Middleton wore her hair half up and half down, also wore leaf-shaped diamond earrings by Robinson Pelham. The earrings were made to match her tiara and featured a diamond set drop and pave set diamond suspended in the center.

The bouquet: In addition to the flower sweet William, the bouquet included lily-of-the-valley (for return of happiness), hyacinth (constancy of love) and ivy (for fidelity, marriage and affection). Also key to the arrangement were stems from plants grown from sprigs of the bridal bouquets of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

This whole day is filled with such excitement and joy.

The 2nd dress…

At the wedding party she changed into this McQueen dress…

Do the Midi

I bet you never thought you would see the day when an Orthodox woman would be stylish…well, welcome to the summer of the Midi. A skirt that comes below the knee and can even go as far as above the ankle. The midi is best paired with a ridiculously high pair of heels (we don’t have to fully copy the Ortho’s). In one article I read about the Midi they said, “In one small triumph for womankind and a giant leap by the fashion world, the “midi” – described as this season’s “new womanly” look – is back. Womanly” is a ghastly word, inviting images of milky cleavages and scone-baking vicars’ wives – pleasant in their own right, but not something to which many of us aspire, stylistically. Thankfully, the “midi” – which comes in a flared, new style and a figure-hugging pencil version, can be better described as elegant and feminine.”

Whether its a sexy tight pencil skirt paired with heels and a blouse for work, or a flowy midi with a crop top for Coachella and the summer ahead, I love this look!

A Shopping list for Michelle Jacqueline (a Canadian Fashion addict) while in California
When you visit California you always want to check out the stores you can only find in the area. Here is a lil list I made in ode of JAX visiting this month for Coachella. She will be dancing to the Kings of Leon and The Black Keys, and I imagine she will need a chic, feminine rock n’ roll wardrobe to complement the auras of music.
Free people even though they now have more locations around the country, I feel Cali get’s the best things (a new luggage line has just been launched in the Montana location). It’s for the pocahontes in all of us!
Planet Blue I love the haute hippie stuff here! As an added bonus you feel good about your purchases with brands like RE Collection reducing your carbon footprint (they use recycled material to make their garments, and everything is one of a kind). FYI the one in Beverly Hills has amazing jewels!
Fred Segal a must for a California visit. It’s a department store for the wild child.
Sometimes, what’s on Fakin’ It’s was Passe. It is no secret I love vintage and no one does vintage better than Cali! Well, the best Vintage Expo will be moving from San Francisco to Santa Monica for the entire month of April.

Christianne Christensen Yogi in Stiletto’s absolute favorite local designer of the Year in all of California is Boulee. Debbie’s Designs are so cute you will die in amazement. YIS has the exclusive to her atelier in Downtown LA since she is a personal friend of the magazine. SSSSShhhh we can get our girls/readers sample prices!!!! Here I am in Beverly Hills for the launch of New Moet & Chandon champagne, wearing her spring collection 2011. I love all the hues she used this season. Bright greens, tangy yellows and playful blues. You will be peachy for her peaches (the “it” color of the season).
Happy Shopping in Southern California!!!!

Nothing tastes better than skinny

An actor’s/producer’s/writer’s life consists of countless dinner parties and rendezvous around the city; as I sat last night between amazing jewelry designer Gillian Julius from England and Austrian Actress Ina-Alice Kopp I was thinking hmmm? What should I eat and what should I pass on? I swear I heard Kate Moss’s angelic voice whisper in my ear saying “Nothing tastes better than Skinny.”  I passed on the fried calamari, the octopus, the truffle pizza, the champagne. Gosh being healthy isn’t very social, I thought. But wait, I was sitting in a magnificent Whoopie pie, why not focus my energy on the two creative ladies I had to my left and right. Gillian chatted about how she dreamed of always living in America and manifesting her Rock n’ Roll dreams into a jewelry line featured in many editorials around the world. I personally love the collection since I love wearing diamonds but hate when they make you look imposing. It’s as if you want a hint of glam without looking like you sold your first child to acquire the look. Ina on the other hand just finished wrapping a movie in China and her tales marked the beginning of a new era for the actress. Working since she was a child, she recently turned 30 and has lots to confess about eating habits, love and hospital visits. The two ladies filled my entire dinner with so much love and excitement I hardly remembered I was there to eat. There you have it the perfect way to remain fashionable in Beverly Hills while focusing on the human spirit.   Gillian Julius Jewels

Little Miss Sunshine

I am beginning to think Yellow is going to be the biggest color for spring and I can’t wait! I can picture it now, flowy yellow dresses, bright yellow shorts, thin cotton light yellow tank tops and Chanel’s new canary yellow nail polish. My mom sends me the fashion, style and sex column from the Evening Standard newspaper in London almost every week. The front page was Chanel’s new yellow nail polish. It looks like the perfect color for spring. Get it quick because chanel nail polish’s sell out soooo fast.

Bow Me

yogi in Stilettos Fashion

I swear, my favorite accessories for Spring are bows. It gives every outfit a bit of a girly touch. I discovered a company called that has the cutest hair accessories ever! Started by two super cool girls from Los Angeles (at least they look cool on their website). Their accessories add that extra touch, to make your style stand out.

Spring is looking bright


Whether it was Paris, London or Malibu there is no hiding that color is a must for Spring. Everywhere I went every store was featuring a bright colored cuffed jean and fabulous spring dresses. I am obsessing over the off peach rolled up/cuffed (Chinos is the name) pants/jeans. They pretty much sell them from H&M, to Zara to intermix to Balenciega, so take your pick of quality and price. They look amazing, paired with a simple white t-shirt, tank top or flowy blouse. It is so feminine and classy. Who doesn’t want to add a bit of color to their wardrobe? And this is coming from someone who loves black and wearing only black.

p.s. They come in many styles…as in a bit baggy, boyfriend, and straight. I prefer skinny straight, but to each their own!

Makes my heart beat fast

Nothing gets my heart racing like a pair of YSL Tribute platforms. So when I opened my hourly Saks email (I literally get an email from them 5 times a day) my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Christian Louboutin Daffodile Point-Toe Platform Pumps. I first spotted them on Beyonce, days after the Grammy’s and immediately went into a panic. So when I received my saks email I felt a little more relieved. They are everything I am obsessed with in a shoe. They are sooo unbelievably high people question if you can even walk in them, but not me…that is not even my first concern. The colors and styles they come in (also available in Mary Jane version) are so cute, not to mention the Red sole of the shoe. So, without further ado, for the world to see, here are the newest addition to my must have for summer frolicking around Europe wardrobe.

Cibeles Fashion Week 2011

Madrid, Spain

One of my favorite fashion weeks in the world is Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid, Spain.  It may not be the most glamorous, but carries an understated feminine flow. It holds a dear place in my heart since my father’s family is originally from Spain, I studied there briefly, and have only been to Spain with my family.

Other reasons why I love this venue: It showcases new talent and gives new designers a chance to be seen on a global scale by world-wide press/magazines, target customers, buyers/retailers, and manufactures associated with the fashion industry. Another great fun fact about Cibeles Fashion Week is, it was also the first to boycott underweight fashion models and placed an age requirement of 16-years-old on the models of the catwalk. Here are a few of my favorite Spanish fashions from Cibeles Fashion Week 2011 by American Perez, Bebas Closet, Amaya Arzuaga, Miranda Makaroff,  and Bohento (in order of appearance).

Last but not least, I love this week because it shares its name with my best friend Cibeles, who btw has the best sense of dress. I would like to dedicate this article to Cibeles Duran, the editor of our beautiful madness. We have been writing together since we were 9-years-old.  She went on to study publishing in New York and to write for Coral Living Magazine. Fakin’ It is glad to have you in our corner. We love you!

Grammy Award Mayhem

Ok, I get how the Grammy’s are about letting loose and having a good time during the award season. What I don’t get is why every artist feels like they have to top each other with their ridiculous, insane outfits. The artists go for shock value over looking good. But come on! Between Lady Gaga in an egg, Rihanna leaving nothing to the imagination, and Miley Cyrus’s side boob, the Fashion Police probably had a field day with this award show. P.S. side note … was I the only who realized that the show was dominated by Canadians? Justin Bieber is the hottest thing EVER right now, Drake is so good looking, talented and Jewish, and Arcade Fire thanked Quebec,  their hometown … I mean sometimes I have to let my pride show.

Let’s start off with some of the best dressed … in order to prepare ourselves for the worse.

Way to make up for the Golden Globes Heidi! This dress is stunning!

If I could wear this I would. It looks amazing on Lea Michele and flatters her in all the right places. The hint of pink lipstick makes her stand out even more.

Not being the biggest Nicole Kidman fan, I still have to give it up to her for the way she looked. Supporting her husband, she looked like she was glowing. Can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscars.

I don’t care if the Grammy’s are considered more casual and laid back, every man should wear a suit. Drake does it perfectly. It looks classy with a hint of cool.

Unfortunately now on to the BAD…

This was just weird, horrible, trying too hard … this isn’t even an outfit. I don’t get Lady Gaga and don’t think she is special in any way … maybe if this was Rihanna I would be ok with it, but Lady Gaga doesn’t do it for me.

I love leopard, but this is a bit too much. The dress is actually really nice, but the hair and tights and arms covered is just pushing it. Get a stylist who won’t let you leave the house looking horrendous.

Can somebody say fried extensions?! I felt like if you touched her hair it would make that crunching noise. I mean, her shoes were amazing! And to tell you the truth her dress would look great on a 20-year-old, but all of it together mixed with dissing her husband while they presented just put me off J.LO.

Her side boob distracted me throughout her entire E! interview. Her dress fit horribly and it looks like Miley Cyrus is taking her parents divorce out on food. Next time make sure to make it to your fittings.

I couldn’t take it anymore and had to group poorly dressed females together … all I have to say is, vagina, Armenian Barbie, and WTF!?

An off white tux with white running shoes? This is all wrong. The suit doesn’t even fit him. Maybe, just maybe if it was fitted to him I would have thought he looked better.

My new shoe obsession Gianmarco Lorenzi

SAG Awards Fashion

Last night was the SAG Awards, and although I didn’t watch it, I did google all the looks on the red carpet. I kept reading that they didn’t think the ladies came out with much WOW power this time around, but here are some of my favorites.

I mean, Mila Kunis could possibly be the hottest female of 2011 … wearing an Alexander McQueen gown, she looks incredible … actually she looks incredible everywhere she goes (do I need to remind you of the emerald green gown she wore to the Golden Globes?). Nothing like a break  up with Macaulay Culkin to make you look fab!

I think Claire Danes looks flawless in this Louis Vuitton gown. She is a classic beauty.

Most of you are probably like who is this? Well, Jennifer Lawrence was in this year’s surprising sleeper movie Winter Bones. Her performance was incredible, not to mention this dress. I love when someone takes a chance with a bold bright color … especially pink. But something about this pink steers away from girly and barbie and looks classic and beautiful. Wearing: Oscar de La Renta

There is no need for explanation here. This dress fits perfectly and flatters Annette Benning in every way … not to mention the totally in glitter. She killed it in The kids are alright and she is killing it in this dress. You go girl!! Wearing: Tony Ward

I heard plenty of mixed reviews about this one. In an article they said “too much plum and an excuse to show her boobs.” When has Kim K ever needed an excuse to show her boobs? I absolutely love the color! I think it’s super flattering on her skin tone. What do you think? Wearing: Marchesa

I swear January Jones is such a classic beauty, anything she wears she pulls it off effortlessly. Wearing: Carolina Herrera

A Secret for Fall 2011

When my FABULOUS old school blast from the past friend came to LA for work it was essential I clear my afternoon to schmooze with her. Well her job is a dream to any fashionista … So, from here on in let’s call her my Top Secret Stylist. Yesterday she let me in on some fashion secrets for Fall 2011. Did you love the look of boyfriend jeans, but like me when you actually tried to wear them you looked like a fat man. Well the clouds have parted and the fashion gods have spoken. Watch out for the next generation of the boyfriend jeans … Skinny Boyfriend Jeans … this is the combination of both our beloved skinny jean with hints of boyfriend in them. They will remain skinny, but the pockets will be lower and a ‘micro flare,’ which is, as she says it, “skinny all the way down. Then at your ankle it’s a mini flare, pretty cool.” Can’t wait to see these! Once I can get a picture I will post it … look out for this new trend hitting the stores over the summer. Thank you my Secret Stylist, I love you!

Tie me up

One time I visited my BFF in Miami and she had this tie dye thing around her wrist.  I asked what it was and she said it was a hair tie … from here on in my love affair started.  She claimed you could only purchase them in LA so I was in luck. I headed over to my local Planet Blue clothing store, located on the corner of where I work. At only $1 and tons of different colors I proceeded to buy a bunch. Not only are they inexpensive, come in all different cute colors, do not pull your hair out when using them, but people love them and you can add it to a gift! you can find them on etsy or many stores in LA.

Golden Globes 2011

The 2011 Golden Globes was this Sunday and it proved once again that LA is the most glamorous city in the world.  The trends for the evening included emerald greens, off the shoulder dresses and blush colors. Hollywood glam was front and center making “over the top” fashion take the back seat this year. My favorite looks were the nude understated and classy Armani Prive dresses worn by Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox. Armani Prive is really becoming a big player in the glamorous American women’s wardrobe. Which is why the day of the Golden Globes I was in Palm Beach, Fla. unknowingly trying on every nude dress on Worth Avenue. Trying on sample dresses is an old habit of mine to stay in shape, too. If you don’t fit into a size 2 sample couture dress in NM, time to go for a jog : )


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010

Le Mythe de Miami Beach et ses environs a toujours laisse reveur … Laissez-vous guider … Into the World of Fashion

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami (swimwear) was established in 1999, as the “scene” was emerging in the Miami area. The American Riviera as it is known today is no longer the little girl that could, but instead a bonafide Bomb Shell. The world has taken notice and very rapidly we have become the mecca for fashion, art, sun and an exquisite lifestyle of champagne dreams.

Coming from a true Miami girl that lived on the Waldorf Tower as a child, celebrated her 15’s in Casa Grande on Ocean, went on her first date to Pelican and lived in Sofi for most of my adult life … Miami is the coolest place on earth and when they bring on the fashion I am glad to sit front row and then tell Fakin’ It all about it…

Mara Hoffman

The collection included many cover-ups, which I loved. There is nothing better to bring elegance into swimwear than a great flowy look to complement that special swimsuit. It is a great yacht look for any age. The accessories were earthy, making the look a bit tasseled and not so put together, and it all came together beautifully.

Yogi in Stilettos

Poko Pano

This is your traditional Brazilian line (yes, tradition and Brazil go hand in hand for swimwear). Clean lines, safe colors and simple silhouettes. We cannot all be center stage all the time. Sometimes, you just want a tan and a vogue…

Red Carter

Can you say … “Bring on the Drama,” my favorite collection of the swimwear season. They staged the show in a great art gallery instead of the beaten path of the Hotels. The male models offered ice cream as you came in. It was rather hot so it worked and made things sexy from the start.

The collection speaks for itself so I’ll let you watch the video … Enjoy.

Fashion in Miami…
The Euro-Latin look with Creative Director Elias Maida for label Equinoccio-Equinoccio. featured in Vogue.
Hosted by Christianne and Claudia from Green Grass Boutique

I hope everything survived Black Friday, Cyber Monday…what else was there? I hid inside trying to avoid sales at all cost … except for my new loves, which I will talk about later. Anyways, with the holidays coming up –Hanukah faster than Christmas — shopping for the perfect gift can sometimes be impossible. Last year I found myself racking my brain thinking, what should I get everyone I know?! Well this year I decided I am only buying gifts for my mom and dad … by buying gifts I mean my mom told me “I want a robe and get your father tequila shot glasses and Keith Richards’ new book.” Done! Anyways, enough about me…here are some gift ideas if you are having trouble thinking of something.

  • Headphones (beats by Dr. Dre, noise cancelling headphones, tons of options and great if someone is travelling over the holidays)
  • Cook Books (Thomas Keller, Barefoot Contessa, etc)
  • Coffee Table Books (travel, fashion, art, photography)
  • The Art of Shaving gift certificate or shaving set
  • Candles from Bendels (vanilla bean is my fave)
  • DVD’s (either classic movies or a box set of a TV show)
  • Gift certificate to exercise classes (Pilates Plus, Barry’s Bootcamp, Yoga Works, Yoga Hop, etc. … most places have gift certificates)
  • Found these online … love them! Sarah Chloe Engraved Bangles
  • I mean you always have Cathy B Jewelry
  • BBQ
  • UGG slippers or UGG shoes for around the house are perfect for the holidays
  • Flip Camera, digital Camera or IPOD Touch
  • Body wash and scrubs
  • This is what every man needs, especially mine Mini Robo Vacuum
  • Apple TV
  • Monogrammed anything! I am a little obsessed. You can do a robe, cosmetic bag, pillow, candle, etc…

I hope this helps in some way … good luck shopping!

When my Friend Anne asked “What should i wear to the upcoming MOCA gala?” the stylist in me screamed for Joy!

Anne is a celebrity journalist for Rolling Stone magazine and will be attending the Gala November 13, 2010. It can be very nerve wracking to find the perfect dress that is not only elegant and chic but also practical, considering she will be mingling extensively.

Maxi or cocktail?

I prefer cocktail for her because she has such great legs so this will definitely accentuate the positive. She also has a great face that is a mix between Parisian and German so we don’t want the dress taking all the attention. Considering she is all rock n’ roll, I would love to see her is something lacy, not too structured with a hint of rebel.

Some of my favorite looks for this season that will dazzle the quota for the evening by Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, and by hot young Californian label Rodarte (my favorite dress of them all worn by Emma Watson).

Good luck A, you will I am sure make them swoon.

Playing Dress Up

It’s that time of the year again…where we rack our brains for ideas of what to wear on Halloween. Every year I want try something that I promised myself I would do the year before … but then I usually forget. Last year was actually my first Halloween where I dressed as the standard LA girl and chose to opt for something more skimpy than creative. I meannnn, don’t get me wrong, a night that you can get away with wearing stockings, a bustier and the miniest, skimpiest, little shorts outside the bedroom and no one talks shit because they are all dressed the same way is fun … but once is enough for me. I decided months ago that this year I was going to be different, I was going to have fun with my costume … so what am I going as?! None other than Snooki from Jersey Shore. Upon reaching this revelation, which to my credit I felt was a great idea, I was listening to usual Ryan Seacrest in the morning when he stated that Snooki was the #1 costume this year!!! I was shocked, angry and felt exposed. But, I decided to suck it up and carry on. I ventured into Hollywood yesterday (which could be talked about in the travel section because it’s sooo out there), I found a pair of sunglasses and hoop earrings. I have yet to find the perfect dress. I cannot bring myself to purchase, let alone go into an Ed Hardy store, but I know I have to at some point … are you stuck on a costume idea?

Let Darkness Prevail

It may not feel like it’s fall in LA, but we can sure fake it with our nail polish color … how happy I get at the chance to paint my nails black … short story, but the other day when my man went to buy new basketball shoes they asked him to take off his shoes to measure his feet. Of course he was embarrased because like usual he doesn’t listen when I say it is crucial for a man to take care of his feet … anyways, this brought on the excellent idea to go get our nails done. I obviously didn’t need mine because I do mine religiously…but i seized the opportunity of a color change. Some of my favorite colors for this season (and yes, some are repeats because a classic is a classic) are: OPI You dont know Jacques (grey) Chanel Grey (I mean my mom had to fight over the last bottle in Barney’s last year) Essie Fishnet Stockings (my go to red) OPI Malaga Wine (this is such a sexy dark red) Classic Black Channel (when this came out it sold out so fast in the states I had to have my sister bring it over from London). OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (transitions between summer and fall like son of a bitch. BTW upon discovery of this color, I spread the news to everyone and wore it all summer). These have always been my go to colors, but this season has such amazing twists on classic colors, for instance, matt navy, khaki, greige (grey and beige) and metallics all made my heart race … next time you go to your local nail salon, why not try something new? I currently have dark khaki on my fingers and matt navy on my toes.

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