If the shoe fits…

Never look back. If Cinderella would have gone back for her shoe, she never would have become a Princess.

Introducing….New Christian Louboutin Disney Cinderella Princess Collection.

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A walk in the Clouds w/ Cloud.

Christianne Christensen in Cattle ranch El Carmen

It may seem logical enough to buy the organic product vs. Whatever else is on sale at the moment. Nonetheless, for some it may take a little more convincing. Hence, why i am here to tell you a little tale of my favorite little big animal named Cloud. If you are a first time reader than i will fill you in. I am a farmers daughter literally born on a coffee farm in Latin America where the coffee harvest season was blooming. I was actually two weeks away from being born in a sea side farm in Alabama.  As you can see my options were slim when it came time to picking any where fancy to start this thing called life in. Now, back to Cloud. Cloud is my papa’s bull and i wanted to tell you a bit on his life story and then maybe you would consider that organic small farm product instead of continuing to purchase and support deathly practices both to the animal and eventually us humans through consumption. Now i won’t ask you to become a vegetarian ( I actually was for 3 straight years and it is immensely helpful to cleanse your body and spirit) but i will ask that you be more responsible when consuming animal products at least. Deal? Cloud for instance lived a happy life rooming free on the ranch all his life……. Cloud pranced around with every girl cow on the cattle ranch all the while he ate his organic grass,  got his exercise, saw his vet regularly, had my papa’s undivided attention, and got kisses from me. When it was time for the circle of life he was weighed and then sent off to be dinner under kosher guidelines (mostly practiced by those in the Judaism religion as a beautiful way to follow the bible guidelines needless to say in farming it is simple a more human and cleaner way to end Clouds life). FYI if something is Kosher it does not mean the animal was raised organic. Ideally you want a Kosher organic product!!!! I have faith in the world that this is the direction we are heading in.

Love your planet.

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All i need is all i’ve got!

yogi in Stilettos Christianne Christensen

Yogi in Stilettos

Feed your spirit more….
I know life can be a little bit of a whirl wind. You are trying to make all your dreams come true in the midst of what feels like world war III.  Take a moment each day to appreciate what we do have vs. what we want. I know, i know we all want things. The nice house, the perfect career, the nice car the perfect relationship. Yogi in Stilettos wants you to have everything your heart desires but the lines between want and need can often become blurred. Are you vibrant, willing, young enough to have strength to carry on and move forward? Well, then you are half way to your hearts desires. Don’t let things like LIFE get you down, after all we will never be here in this exact moment ever again. Embrace the day and life will reward you with things like strawberry kisses from a loved one and happy embraces from a friend.

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if you don’t feel this.. it isn’t LOVE.

Actually, I don’t just want your heart. I want your flesh, your skin and blood and bones, your voice, your thoughts, your pulse and most of all your fingerprints everywhere…

kate and johnny

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Dry Provocateur

I know what you are thinking … That’s it. Christianne is taking it too far with her hippie ways! Now she actually wants us to dry our knickers on the street for all to see??? Well, yes!

To my defense, this is how people dry their intimates and clothes in Venice, Italy.

Just listen up…
When my beautiful gf was having an intervention about me wearing my boots to everything but the Oscars, I decided she was right. It was time to clean up my act a little. Then I realized, laundry!!! Yikes, I hate laundry. Here I was deciding what the best alternative for detergent was. Of course, it is the one with no hazardous chemical smells, and the one with the least packaging to reduce our carbon footprint. HAVE YOU NOT been listening to me all this time??? Ugh, moving on … we should know by now that lemon lime jasmine, whatever the heck, is TOXIC. If you don’t, news FLASH!!!! If it smells like your grandmother’s potpourri, chances are you shouldn’t be buying it anymore.

Kkkk so now we have washed our clothes with free and clear detergent with non-toxic chemicals. Now what? Well, most people would think that we should then stick it in the dyer, right? Wrong!!! Especially if you come from my family … The dryer uses up so much electricity. Why would you need to buy air to dry your clothes? It makes no sense to me in this economy to pay for something that is absolutely free. What’s next we buy bottled air to breathe? Besides, dryers also ruin your clothes especially delicates, so you are also losing on that end. In conclusion, at the risk of your neighbors calling you ghetto (and they may) go ahead and show ‘em you don’t care. Their words may sting but think of it this way … it’s a bit of a diet plan, too. If your knickers are too big to be flowing in the wind, you may need to slow down on those bad foods, too. It’s all a circle, I tell you.

P.S. Don’t be shy. These are my actual knickers/lingerie on the picture below! :)

Yogi in Stilettos

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The Learning Curve (short film) by Scott Ericksson

I know this is a mouth full for a Monday afternoon (no pun intended) but I wanted to share a sneak peak to “Learning Curve” a short film I acted, script supervised and costume designed. In my opinion it opens our eyes to the realities of sexual abuse in our schools and in our society. Many times sexual aggressors are unaware of the damage they have caused in a young persons life. The reality is unclouded in this film. Director Scott Ericksson touched a very controversial subject matter full force and without prejudice. I admire his determination to bring light to a subject that is sure to make us all think. Ina-Alice Kopp delivers a quiet and commanding performance as only she knows how. I am beyond proud of the cast and crew who put their talent on film to make us rationalize norms in society. John Honore (Cinemtographer), Rock Chang (Assistant Director), Mike Kobayashi (Original Score), Michael Hsueh (Lighting) and Alex Storm (Make-up/Special Effects).
Note: It’s Rated R so please be aware before you go show it around the kiddies.
School teacher Grace Leonard (Ina-Alice Kopp) finds her former student Lenny (Jake Choi), now 22, at her front door seven years after being in her middle school German class. Lenny’s plan is to confront Grace about her sexual aggression towards him as a young teenager so he can forgive and move on with his life, however, his well thought out plan goes horribly wrong when Grace doesn’t react as he expects.
We have a request to premiere “The Learning Curve” in NYC this summer and hopefully many more screenings after. If after seeing the film you’d like to rate it, please go to our IMDB page.

The Learning Curve (2012) star

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Lanvin in Denmark

I am convinced there is a beauty and Creativity Factory in Denmark.

Nicolas Winding Refn, Jacob Riis, Helena Christensen, Hans Christian Anderson shall i carry on….
The beauty is subtle the message is clear the language is beautiful.

Lanvin launch in Denmark from Fashion Week Live on Vimeo.

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Behind the Scenes
making/production of a sculpture.
Developing Images in Acid and so on…..

When complex artist/sculpture Chaa Youn Woo asked if he could do a sculpture of my Face, I immediately smiled and couldn’t wait to collaborate.

I am so pleased I decided to immortalize my face this Monday afternoon since few things give me more pleasure than Art. As the set was being set up in a lush downtown LA garden i couldn’t help but to contemplate how acts of peace are present in Art/ nature and even the soft tones Chaa speaks to me in. He wanted his muse content suffice in euphoria so to speak. The minute i arrived i was treated to a lavish piece of chocolate cake. I was in bliss and he captured his moment. Chaa is all about peace and will be authenticating his mark March 9, 2012 at the unveiling of his largest production “The Hand of Peace” on the American/ Mexican border. “I like to create things that have not being done before” Chaa confirms. The day was all about Earth, tranquility, capturing those beautiful glimpses of light & moments in time. The day was further captured by Michael Roberts an LA based fashion photographer with a flair for the arts. As the day was almost wrapped yet another artist appears to capture the strange face (that would be me). A turn of the Century Camera is placed in front of me…it takes forever to prepare and yet it only takes two photographs that where later imposed into glass by artist Allan Barnes. Three Amazing Artists one very lucky Actors Face.


I will keep you posted on the “Face” as it develops & unveils itself.

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An American Dream…

Happy Presidents’ Day

Christianne Christensen

Yes, I know we are meant to be celebrating our Presidents today and all…but just for fun…..Here are Yogi in Stilettos’ Favorite American Actresses.

Michelle Pfeifer -The Icon- Seriously, who can forget her in Scarface.

Elizabeth Olsen-The Independent Film Favorite-Five movies in one year (all indies).

Jessica Alba-The Bombshell- The First Generation American actress continues to seduce us.

Natalie Portman-The Beautiful Nerd- I mean, the girl put on a tutu and pranced around like she knew a thing or two about ballet.

Grace Kelly-The American Princess- Who doesn’t want to make a few films and then marry a prince?

Bette Davis- The Rebel- Any woman who defies Hollywood’s definition of beauty has our vote.

Halle Berry- The Complete Package- with the ability to shoot right down your throat with in-your-face performances.

Taylor Momsen-The Actress with a Band- Any girl with lyrics like “I Can’t steal you like you stole me,”  from You, her latest track with her band Pretty Reckless.

Shall we talk politics? All these actresses have made political statements about one thing or another at some point in their careers. Sometimes they make sense; other times well, not so much! Frankly, I don’t like my entertainers yapping away about things that are better left to be discussed in the oval office. Needless to say we get it. They want to help, we hope. This President’s Day let’s realize we all have unique talents and appreciate the boys who have attempted to run this beautiful country, shall we? Especially those who have made a sincere difference in the human condition.

PS. I am singing a song in an upcoming movie. As usual this movie will have a clear message. It will be heard loud and clear (what did you think, I would make a movie that doesn’t speak to my yogis (in stilettos of course)…I am a humanist and my choices even in film will always reflect my personal crusade to love. The photo was taken by the music producer while I was frantically looking for the EXIT!
How I will spend my weekend: Contemplating bad auditions, alone time, champs, lyrics, my keyboard, inspiration, sunsets & I managed to squeeze in all my favorite sins before midnight on Saturday….

These songs will either be good or finally throw me off the deep end.


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Batteries ARE Included.

Batteries are funny little things. We use them for almost everything in our homes. Tv remotes, video apparatuses and everything in between. When we are done we simply throw them away, right? WRONG!!! Batteries have some of the yuckiest materials invented by man and when you simple throw them in your garbage, they end up in our beautiful Earth.  Time to Re-think the battery/light bulb situation people. I personally don’t own a TV or any appliance that requires them but for the rest of the world time to take some ACTION.

Single-use Batteries

Single-use Batteries

Single-use batteries contain materials that are both recyclable and considered hazardous. You can drop them off at a household hazardous waste (HHW) facility or participate in the many mail-in or take-back programs that are available.

In 2010 California, Texas and Florida collected the largest amount of rechargeable batteries, with 932,882 pounds, 530,582 pounds and 373,802 pounds, respectively.

I found a great site to help you get Started….. Recycle


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